7-Eleven Adds Variety Of New Items For Spring 2024


7-Eleven Adds Variety Of New Items For Spring 2024

7-Eleven has just announced that they are adding a bunch of new additions to their menu which will be perfect for any customers wanting to enjoy some good food. Some of the items include the new Cheesy Three Meat Breakfast Burrito, Carnitavore Breakfast Burrito and so much more.

The new items will officially make their way onto the menu starting today and can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only. And it’s not just 7-Eleven, but also Speedway and Stripes as well.

For instance, some of the highlights of the new additions includes the following:

  • Cheesy Three Meat Breakfast Burrito: Features a delicious combination of bacon, ham and sausage that is covered in cheesy sauce.
  • Carnitavore Breakfast Burrito: Features a mix of pulled pork, scrambled eggs, and salsa verde all being put inside of a warm tortilla.

Additionally, there are also some lighter options too which includes the following:

  • Meat & Cheese Deli Stacks: Available in either Colby Jack or Pepper Jack with Salami varieties, it offers a nice keto-friendly meal that is protein packed for customers to enjoy.
  • Tropical Juices: Features flavors like Citrus Berry Punch or Orange Pineapple.

Note: The new items are also available for delivery using the 7NOW Delivery service. This service offers real-time tracking and fast deliveries that takes around 30 minutes or less. Customers are able to get the 7NOW Delivery App to start ordering their foods straight to their homes.

Fans wanting to get their hands on the new items like the Cheesy Three Meat Breakfast Burrito, Meat & Cheese Deli Stacks or even the Carnitavore Breakfast Burrito and more can do so by simply visiting any participating location nationwide for a limited time only starting today.

Image via 7-Eleven