Are Boneless Wings Just Chicken Nuggets? What To Know


Boneless Wings vs Chicken Nuggets

Whenever you’re in the mood for chicken and want something quick and easy to eat, sometimes it might be a hard choice to figure out. Especially if you’re not a bone-in type of person. Which leads you to two options, boneless wings or chicken nuggets. But you might be thinking, are Boneless Wings just Chicken Nuggets or is there actually a difference?

After all, both of these items are made from chicken and are basically the same size and shape.

But does that mean they are the same? Or are they different?

We here at Food Senpai definitely believes that there is a difference and that we will go in-depth in detail as to what these two are, what makes them different and which one is better.

Boneless Wings Versus Chicken Nuggets

Boneless Wings vs Chicken Nuggets

Now I’m sure almost everyone in this country has tried both boneless wings and also chicken nuggets. After all, these two items are some of the most common food items you can find at any restaurant or stores.

But did you know there is actually a difference?

Yes, it’s true! After all, both of these items are made from chicken, but the meat used to make them are actually made from different parts.

Plus the texture and taste is also different as well.

Chicken Nuggets are basically small chunks of fried chicken made into bite sized shapes for people to eat. They are great on the go and makes for a fast meal to enjoy. They also pair really well with any type of sauce that you use.

Meanwhile, Boneless Wings are a bit bigger than Chicken Nuggets and would usually have some type of seasoning or marinade on them which gives them a more deeper flavor. Additionally many people like to pair them with other sauces too to add even more flavor.

Both of these items are great to eat, but let’s see how they are different from each other.

What Are Chicken Nuggets Made From?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

Now I’m sure everyone reading this already knows what a Chicken Nugget is made from, and that is from the meat of a chicken. But it’s actually not a specific area of a chicken that the meat comes from, but more like a variety of different places.

Basically, Chicken Nuggets are made by using up different parts of the chicken that is mashed up. This can include wing meat, thigh meat, breast meat and so much more. They also add in fillers too as well as some seasoning to give it flavor.

Then they shape the mashed up chicken meat into a small little shape where it’s easy to fry.

So when you’re eating Chicken Nuggets, you definitely are eating meat from a chicken. But as to what part of the chicken you’re eating, it really depends on the person that made it and what part of the chicken they choose to use.

What Are Boneless Wings Made From?

Wingstop Boneless Wings

Did you know Boneless Wings are actually not made from Chicken Wings? In fact, they have no wing meat in them at all.

Boneless Wings are actually made from chicken breast.

Which is weird because everyone calls them Boneless Wings and most people actually think that they are made from the wing portion of the chicken. But it’s actually not. It’s all made from chunks of chicken breast that has been cut off.

But what sets Boneless Wings apart is that when they are being made, they are usually coated then fried until they are nicely golden in color. Then they will usually have some type of marinade, sauce or dry rub applied to them to give it that flavor that people love.

Which as you can see, it’s definitely not an actual wing but it’s pretty similar to a Chicken Nugget. And it’s where most people seem to get confused by. After all, both are chunks of chicken with no bone in the inside and have a nice outer crunch to them.

But they are definitely different in the way they are made.

Are Boneless Wings Or Chicken Nuggets Better With Sauce?

Wingstop Boneless Wings On Fork With Bite

When you’re eating Boneless Wings or Chicken Nuggets, it’s always good to pair them with some type of sauce. However, which is better you might ask?

Well in my opinion, Boneless Wings pair much better with sauce than Chicken Nuggets.

The reason is, Chicken Nuggets are pretty basic where it’s basically just ground up chicken formed into a patty and then fried with some seasoning. That’s literally it. Not much flavor coming out of it as most of the flavor will depend on what sauce you use.

For instance, use a barbecue sauce and you get a tangy and smokey type of flavor, use a sweet and sour and it’s sweet and sticky, you get the point.

However, Boneless Wings are much better because they are typically marinaded before hand or coated in some type of dry rub, seasoning or sauce. Which gives them a very good flavor to start with. But then when you add in another sauce to pair with it, it actually adds onto the flavor making it more complex and incredible to taste.

For example, you get yourself a Boneless Wings covered in Buffalo Sauce. That already adds in a nice spicy kick with each bite. But then you dip that into some Ranch sauce and it kind of levels off the heat and adds a nice cooling sensation to your bite.

Which as you can see, Boneless Wings just give way more flavor overall when paired with sauce.

Who Is Better: Boneless Wings or Chicken Nuggets?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets Piece With Bite

So if you’re wondering if Boneless Wings or Chicken Nuggets are better, then the answer is clear. Boneless Wings is definitely the way to go. Boneless Wings beat Chicken Nuggets in every aspect that you can think of.

Whether it’s flavor, the texture, how its made and more.

You simply can’t beat a Boneless Wing when compared to a Chicken Nugget.

Plus, when you’re eating a Boneless Wing, you know you’re getting all pure chicken breast meat that is juicy and tender. Where as if you’re getting a Chicken Nugget, you don’t actually know what part of the chicken you are eating.

Which is why I have to say Boneless Wings are definitely superior to Chicken Nuggets.


At the end of the day, if you’re still wondering are Boneless Wings Just Chicken Nuggets? Then the answer should be simple after reading this article. And it’s basically no, they are different. Chicken Nuggets are made from mashed up chicken parts where as Boneless Wings are made from all chicken breast.

Plus, the amount of flavor that comes from a Boneless Wing compared to a Chicken Nugget is just far to different.

So no, Boneless Wings are not Chicken Nuggets.

They are different and in their own category.