Bojangles Testing New Southern Chicken Wings In Select Locations In South Carolina


Bojangles Is Testing New Southern Chicken Wings in Columbia, South Carolina

Bojangles has just announced that they are testing a new item being the Southern Chicken Wings at select locations in South Carolina.

According to Bojangles, the new wings will be found in the city of Columbia, South Carolina at various Bojangles.

The new Southern Chicken Wings feature tender, juicy chicken wings marinated in Bojangles’ secret blend of bold spices, then fried with a crunchy buttermilk coating.

And from what the menu says, fans can enjoy the new Southern Chicken Wings in three flavors: Creamy Buffalo, BBQ or Bo’s Classic, which brings out the chain’s signature seasoning in each and every bite.

Currently, the Southern Chicken Wings can be purchased as part of a combo meal or as a single add-on with any order. They can also be ordered in packs of 20, 40, and 60 wings.

Fans wanting to try the new Southern Chicken Wings from Bojangle can do so by visiting any of the select locations in Columbia, South Carolina where they are testing them.

Image via Bojangles