Burger King Debuts Million Dollar Whopper Competition


Burger King Debuts Million Dollar Whopper Competition

Burger King has just announced a brand new competition where fans of the beloved company can submit ideas for the next great Whopper innovation. And the winner of the competition will be able to get $1 Million Dollars.

The competition will officially launch today on February 5, 2024 and will run all the way until March 17, 2024.

According to the brand, currently their flame-grilled Whoppers is able to offer more than 200,000 possible customized combinations. Because of which, Burger King is looking for your help in creating an even greater flavorful bite. Whether you want a sweet and sour combination or even a savory feel, now is the time for you to step up and show the world your idea.

Here are the steps you can take to enter the Million Dollar Whopper Contest:

  • Fans wanting to participate in the contest can go to BK.com.MDW or use the Official BK App to submit their Whopper creation from now until March 17, 2024. You will need to use your free Royal Perks account to do so.
  • When you are submitting your entry, you are able to include up to eight toppings for your whopper.
  • Once you submit your entry, you will receive an A.I,-generated image as well as an original jingle that is made from an inspiration of your Whopper concept in which you can share to your social circles.

After March 17, 2024, Burger King will take some time where they will have contest judges select three Whopper Sandwich concepts that fans submitted and will be invited to Burger King Headquarters in Miami. There, the creators will be able to refine their concepts and ideas before they officially go out on the menu nationwide for everyone to try.

Once the three new Whoppers go out nationally, fans all around can have a chance to vote on which one of the three whoppers is their favorite. And the winner with the most popular votes will be able to win the Million Dollar grand prize.

So what are you waiting for? Go let your Whopper ideas run wild!

Image via Burger King