Burger King Debuts New Toys Featuring PAW Patrol Alongside Free King Jr. Meal Deal


Burger King Launches New Line Of PAW Patrol Toys Alongside Free King Jr. Meal Offer

Burger King has announced that they are teaming up with Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures to distribute some new toys for people to enjoy.

The new toys are part of the limited-edition King Jr. Meal toys, and is to celebrate the highly popular theatrical release of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, which is set to debut in US Theatres on September 29, 2023.

According to Burger King, the new line of PAW Patrol Toys will feature six different collectibles which are inspired by the characters of the popular franchise. Not only that, but each one of the toys will feature a distinctive interactive element which draws inspiration from unique attributes and abilities of the character they are based on.

Here is a list detailing the toys being offered from Burger King:

  • Rocky: Save the day and light the way with this wearable toy. Press down on Rocky’s head to reveal his light up power crystal inside his badge.
  • Skye: Take to the sky with this fun flying toy. Attach Skye to the included propeller and watch her soar up to 5-feet into the air.
  • Chase: Activate Chase’s ability to race at lightening quick speeds by simply pulling the toy backwards and releasing.
  • Liberty: Send Liberty soaring with this spring-loaded launcher toy. Attach the figurine to the included launcher and push the button to have Liberty zoom into action.
  • Marshall: Power up and shine bright with this light up toy. Slide the switch located on Marshall’s left leg to make his power crystal light up and flash.
  • Rubble: Have Rubble spin into action and help save the day with this launching toy. Place Rubble in the included launcher and squeeze the handle to launch him forward and spin round in circles.

And because of this amazing partnership, Burger King has also announced a special deal for people to enjoy.

Basically, from the dates of September 25 through October 15, 2023, customers who are part of the Burger King Loyalty App can get a free King Jr. Meal with any purchase of $15 or more when used through the app or the online website of bk.com. They’ll also recieve a Fandango Reward worth $10, which can be used to go see PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.

You can find the new line of PAW Patrol Toys at all participating Burger King locations nationwide for a limited time only.

Image via Burger King