Burger King Thailand Launches “The Real Cheeseburger” with 20 Slices of Cheese


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Burger King Thailand The Real Cheeseburger Picture

Burger King in Thailand has just done something nobody has anticipated for.

They have unleashed a new sandwich called “The Real Cheeseburger”, which features 20 slices of American Cheese and no meat.

It’s a very interesting and unique burger for sure as cheese lovers from all around will get excited about this.

The Real Cheeseburger, features a sesame seed bun sandwiching 20 slices of American Cheese. That is it, nothing else- there is no tomato, no lettuce, no meat, nothing else.

According to the site, the sandwich is priced at around 109 Thai Baht or around $3.15 USD.

From what we know, this cheeseburger is only around for a limited time in July.

Image via Burger King