Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper Review: How Does It Taste?


Burger King's Candied Bacon Whopper In Hand

So Burger King has recently just debuted a new kind of Whopper being the Candied Bacon Whopper for everyone to try.

Now if you know me, candied anything is always a winner and seeing that Burger King has decided to put it on their Whopper then you can best believe I will be there to try it.

As you know, Burger King is not shy about creating new Whopper varieties, in fact they are even having a special contest later this year which they will award $1 million dollars to the winner of the next great Whopper idea.

Which is why seeing this new item being released along side the announcement of that competition definitely piqued my interest. Is this going to be a flavor explosion? Will it send shockwaves through my body? Or will it be an utter failure?

Lets go buy the Candied Bacon Whopper and do a review on it!

What Is Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper

Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper Side View

As you know, Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper is their newest Whopper variety to have come to market in recent times. And it is suppose to give a sweet and savory feel with each and every bite which is quite interesting.

From what Burger King has says, the new Candied Bacon Whopper features the brand’s signature flame-grilled beef patty, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, crispy fried onions, garlic aioli, sweet bacon jam and also brown sugar candied bacon. All of which is inside of a soft sesame seed bun.

Because of this, when you visualize the ingredients in your mind, it actually looks pretty monstrous. Somewhat that towers over you when you hold it in your hand. With so many different ingredients, one can hope this will be an absolute banger.

Lets go buy it!

Buying Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper

Burger King Menu Featuring Candied Bacon Whopper

After seeing the news that Burger King has released the new Candied Bacon Whopper, I hopped into my car and drove to the nearest Burger King location which is only around 10 minutes away.

I went into the drive-thru lane and saw that there was nobody in it so that should be the fastest way for me to get my meal.

Coming up to the speaker I noticed the menu itself was advertising the new Candied Bacon Whopper in a huge picture that took up half the menu. I have no idea why the picture was that big, but I’m guessing Burger King wants this to be a major release.

Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper in Bag

I placed an order for one Candied Bacon Whopper and the price point before tax came out to around $6.99. Now this might be a bit different depending on where you live, but shouldn’t be that far off.

I then drove up to the window to pay and waited around 5 minutes before they handed me my item.

Just holding the bag, I noticed it was actually really heavy to hold so that got me very curious as to what was exactly inside this burger.

Anyways lets get in on this review!

What Does Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper Look Like

Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper Wrapped Up

Taking the Whopper out of the bag, I noticed that it came in a specialized paper wrapping that had the usual Whopper text all over it. But not only that, this paper wrapping also had a bunch of money signs floating around too.

Not sure if its to promote the new competition or what, but it was a pretty cool sight to see.

I then unwrapped the paper to show the new Candied Bacon Whopper and to my surprise, it looked nothing like the advertised picture.

Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper Opened Up

In fact, when you look at this Candied Bacon Whopper, it doesn’t even look like it has any Candied Bacon in it.

It just looks like a plain Whopper with a ton of lettuce flowing out of it.

Visually, I was pretty disappointed, but then I opened the top bun to see the inside and then I could see the marvelous wonder that was this Whopper.

There was in fact all the ingredients that were mentioned, it’s just my location somehow put way too much lettuce. Which probably isn’t a bad thing, but it did cover everything up.

Anyways, it looked good and I could see a good amount of Candied Bacon in this Whopper. I had to try it now as I couldn’t wait any longer so lets see how this tastes.

What Does Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper Taste Like

Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper

Grabbing the new Candied Bacon Whopper from Burger King, I could tell that this was a hefty burger. It was heavy to hold and when I took a bite, Immediately I could taste a variety of different flavors and textures going on in my mouth.

The first thing to hit me was definitely the Candied Bacon.

The bacon itself was perfectly cooked where it was nice and crispy all over but had a strong sweetness coming from it. You could definitely tell it was from the brown sugar as it coats it nicely. It also had somewhat of a sticky feel which was quite pleasant and I think there was also hints of peppery flavors too.

Then you get to all the other ingredients which were nicely paired together.

You got the crispy onions which helped give the burger an extra crunch with a bit of a sweetness, the tomatoes being all kinds of juicy and also the flame-grilled patty which gave off a slight smoky essence while also being tender as well.

It was a good combination.

Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper Opened Up Close Up View Of Candied Bacon Another Angle

But what I loved most was the bacon jam which they actually put a good generous amount on to it. And when you’re tasting it, it had somewhat of a barbecue type of flavor.

A bit sweet but also a bit salty as well.

There was also a garlic aioli inside but honestly because of the Candied Bacon and the Bacon Jam and more, I couldn’t really taste the garlic aioli all that much.

Either way, the important ingredients which was the Candied Bacon and the Bacon Jam was the star of the show and those stood out definitely.

When you pair everything together with their Whopper buns, it was a great pairing and one I could see Burger King bringing back time and time again.

How Can Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper Be Improved

Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper Half Eaten

As it stands right now, Burger King’s Candied Bacon Whopper is already pretty good, but I would like to see them actually make it more cleanly. As in, don’t overdue it in the ingredients like the lettuce and such. There was so much lettuce in my Whopper I thought I was eating a veggie burger instead just by looking at it.

But fortunately the flavor was there and the star of the show which was the Candied Bacon and also the Bacon Jam did stand out.

I would say Burger King could probably improve on this by putting a bit more garlic aioli inside as I couldn’t even notice or feel it. Was it even there? I’m not sure but hopefully next time they will put a bit more so that it actually stands out.

Either way, it was a pretty decent burger.

Overall Thoughts

With that being said, Burger King’s new Candied Bacon Whopper is a pretty good item to try. Especially for those Bacon lovers out there who wants a perfectly crispy bacon that has flavor, then this is the item to get. With a good amount of sweet and savory notes that perfectly compliment each other, you would definitely enjoy this.

I believe this item is only going to be around for a limited time only so if you are wanting to try, do get it before its gone.

Overall Rating: 7.9

Let us know, do you like Candied Bacon or do you prefer normal Bacon?