Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt Review: Worth It?


Burger King Shroom n' Swiss Melt Side View

Recently, Burger King has announced that they are bringing back the melts for everyone to try. This includes the Bacon Melt and also the Classic Melt. But they also announced that they are debuting a brand new melt being the Shroom n’ Swiss Melt.

And as you know, Burger King Melts are actually really tasty and are actually one of my favorite items to get from them. So seeing them make a mushroom type of melt definitely caught my attention.

Plus, I love the combination of mushrooms and Swiss cheese as its a perfect combination that works really well together.

Me being me, you know I have to go out to try the new Burger King Shroom n’ Swiss Melt so that I can come back and do a proper review for you all.

So with that being said, lets go do a review on Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt!

What Is Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt

Burger King Shroom n' Swiss Melt

Burger King’s new Shroom n’ Swiss Melt is their newest addition to the melt family. Having already come out with two different melts being the Bacon Melt and the Classic Melt, both of which are immensely popular with the customers.

But the newest melt takes that same concept and adds a unique twist as it pairs together both mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

According to Burger King, the Shroom n’ Swiss Melt features two flame-grilled Whopper Jr. patties that is then layered with two slices of melted Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and Royal sauce all between two toasted bread rounds.

Seeing that description absolutely is making me excited as it just sounds like such a good item to have.

Buying the Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt

After hearing the news, I got dressed and into my car as fast as I could. I then drove straight to the nearest Burger King in my area which was not to far from where I lived.

Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t many people in the drive-thru lane which shocked me. Mainly because I figured it was going to be a lot more packed as the Melts were a really popular item. Not to mention it was prime time at around 1 p.m.

Either way, I drove up to the speaker in the drive-thru lane and looked at the menu. Sure enough, I see the new Shroom n’ Swiss Melt being advertised in a big picture that took up half the screen for everyone to see. I then placed my order for one Shroom n’ Swiss Melt.

Price point wise, Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt costed around $5.49 before tax, which seemed reasonable to me.

After paying for the Melt, I had to wait around 2 minutes before they handed me the item. And before I even opened the bag, I could already smell the heavenly mushrooms.

I can’t wait, lets get in on this review.

What Does Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt Look Like

Burger King Shroom n' Swiss Melt in Package

Taking the Shroom n’ Swiss Melt out of the bag, I noticed it came wrapped in a paper wrap similar to how they wrap their other burgers. But this time around, the paper itself had the words “Melts” on it which was cool as they specifically designed this wrapper for the Melt.

I then opened the wrapper to see the beautiful Shroom n’ Swiss Melt.

Immediately you could see that there was two thick pieces of bread holding the ingredients inside together. Not only that, but there was literally so much mushrooms and Swiss cheese flowing all around. So much so that it was even falling out the sides of the Melt because of how much they put in.

Burger King Shroom n' Swiss Melt Opened Up

I also noticed that they added a heavy amount of Royal sauce which was great as this means that the Melt itself probably wasn’t going to be dry and it will have flavor in each bite that you take.

You couldn’t really see anything else in the Melt because there was so much Swiss cheese, Royal sauce and mushrooms everywhere that it covered the entirety of the Melt.

This was a good thing as I hoped that Burger King was generous with making the item, and sure enough they were.

So now that we have seen what Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt looks like, lets go taste it and do a review.

What Does Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt Taste Like

Burger King Shroom n' Swiss Melt Being Held

I immediately grabbed the Shroom n’ Swiss Melt up and noticed that it was actually a pretty hefty sandwich. It was also pretty heavy too which was great.

I then took a big bite into the sandwich and immediately I could feel so many different flavors and textures going inside of me.

First thing you notice was how toasted the bread was. It was thick all around while the inner portions were soft and had a bit of a crisp to it. But then once you bit through and got to the center of the melt, you could feel all the creaminess from the cheese and sauce going everywhere.

It was a really flavorful bite.

Burger King Shroom n' Swiss Melt Bite

The Swiss cheese itself was mild but melted perfectly and soaked in all the flavors of the mushroom. Giving a bit of a earthy type of feel that was delicious. It wasn’t overpowering either which was great. Mushrooms were also cooked really well as it was tender and soft but not mushy.

Plus, you had the two beef patties which were seasoned well with a smoky sensation. They were tender and juicy, pair that up with the Royal sauce and you had a delicious bite.

In my opinion, I think that Royal sauce is really doing wonders for the Melt because it felt somewhat like a tangy mayonnaise. It had a slight tomato feel but yet it was creamy and felt like hints of onion at times.

Combine it all together and it’s delicious!

It’s a simple item in concept, but one that delivers so much and is very enjoyable to eat. No matter how many bites I took, the flavors were equal all throughout. Not one part was dry and every bite had a mix of all the ingredients together.

Great job Burger King!

How Can Burger King’s Shroom n’ Swiss Melt Be Improved

Honestly, the Shroom n’ Swiss Melt from Burger King is really good. I thoroughly enjoyed eating this sandwich. In fact, I actually think this sandwich is good just the way it is. There is no changes needed or anything because it’s already so simple but done in a perfectly good way.

If I had to nitpick though, I would say probably to make the Melt a bit bigger. It did seem a bit small in size. For a full grown adult, I doubt just one Shroom n’ Swiss Melt would be enough to make them full.

If Burger King made the Melts into the same size as whoppers though, that would probably be a good deal.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, Burger King’s new Shroom n’ Swiss Melt is probably one of the best Melts that they ever released. It’s actually one of my favorites now from the brand.

Now I know, mushrooms might not be to everyone’s liking, but if you’re part of the group who loves mushrooms and also loves cheese, then this is something you might be looking to try. Because if you do love those things, then you’ll find that this Shroom n’ Swiss Melt delivers in everything you’re looking for.

Plus, for only $5.49, it’s a really good price for what you’re getting!

Overall Rating: 8.6

What more can I say? This is literally Mushroom Heaven!