Cheesecake Factory Offering Cheesecake Slice For Only $4.50 Through October 27, 2023


The Cheesecake Factory Offers $4.50 Cheesecake Slice Deal Through October 27, 2023

The Cheesecake Factory has just announced that they are offering a new deal where customers can get a Cheesecake Slice for only $4.50 from now until October 27, 2023.

The reason for this is because Cheesecake Factory is celebrating their 45th anniversary this year and is wanting to celebrate with the customers as well. However, this deal only applies to Rewards Members and is dine-in only.

In order to redeem this deal, customers will need to become a Rewards Member by signing up on the Cheesecake Factory App or Website and showing your server that you are a member and you want to redeem the $4.50 slice of Cheesecake. You’ll be prompted to provide your phone number associate with your account and then you’ll receive the discount.

Note: There is a deadline to register to become a Rewards Member, as customers will need to join and become a member before Thursday, October 26, 2023. As long as you join before the deadline, you’ll be able to have the reward added into your account.

Fans wanting to take advantage of this deal can simply join on the App or Website and become a Rewards Member, then head to any Cheesecake Factory nationwide and redeem the reward before October 27, 2023.

Image via Cheesecake Factory