Chester’s Chicken Adds New Sweet Chili Chicken Bites To Menu


Chester’s Chicken Introduces New Sweet Chili Chicken Bites

Chester’s Chicken is letting customers from all around know that there is a new contender coming for the title of the best chicken bites in their restaurants.

Coming later this fall, Chester’s Chicken will be introducing the “Battle of the Bites“, where they will have the current reigning champion “Honey Stung Chicken Bites” face off against the newest addition to their menu which is the “Sweet Chili Chicken Bites“.

Because of this, when customers come visit the restaurants, they’ll be able to choose from either of the flavors. Whether it’s the Frank’s RedHot Stingin’ Honey Garlic or the new sauce which is the Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili. They can even mix and match the flavors as well.

Chester’s Chicken popular Chicken Bites Combo features eight Chicken Bites, which are marinated chicken breast chunks that come in either of your choice of sauce, a small side, and a honey butter biscuit. Currently, the Chicken Bites Combo will start at the price of around $8.99.

Along those lines, Chester’s Chicken is also offering customers a chance to buy the Mix-N-Match Flavor Pack, which comes with 24 pieces of chicken bites with your choice of three sauce flavors, along with three dipping sauces on the side. As for the price, it is stated to be around $19.99.

And if you’re interested, Chester’s is also inviting customers to go vote for their favorite new flavor via a QR Code that is on the packaging to determine who is crowned the winner of the Chicken Bites Battle in January 2024.

Image via Chester’s Chicken