Cinnabon Partners With Carvel To Debut New Ice Cream Treats


Cinnabon Partners With Carvel To Debut New Ice Cream Treats

Cinnabon is getting ready to celebrate National Cinnamon Roll Day which is held on October 4, 2023 by partnering up with Carvel and debuting a new line of Ice Cream Treats.

The new line-up of Ice Cream Treats features Carvel Original Soft Serve combined with Cinnabon’s sweet, spiced flavors as well as its iconic Makara cinnamon.

Currently, there are 4 different variety of Ice Cream Treats that customers can enjoy.

Here is a list of the new items:

  • Cinnabon Soft Serve featuring the iconic flavor of Cinnabon’s classic cinnamon rolls blended into Carvel’s creamy Original Soft Serve.
  • Cinnabon Scooped combining Cinnabon ice cream with caramel and Cinnabon Crunchies.
  • Cinnabon Sundae Dasher layering Cinnabon Soft Serve, caramel and Cinnabon Crunchies, topped with whipped cream and Cinnabon Crunchies.
  • Cinnabon Deluxe Flying Saucer featuring Cinnabon Soft Serve sandwiched between two Flying Saucer chocolate wafers and rolled in Cinnabon Crunchies.

Fans wanting to try the new Ice Cream Treats from the Cinnabon and Carvel partnership can do so by visiting any Cinnabon location nationwide starting on October 4, 2023 for a limited time only.

National Cinnamon Roll Day is held on October 4, 2023.

Image via Cinnabon