Cold Stone Creamery’s Boo Batter Ice Cream Returning To Menu For 2023


Cold Stone Creamery Welcomes Back Boo Batter Ice Cream For Halloween 2023

Cold Stone Creamery has just announced that they are getting into the Halloween 2023 Season by bringing back the popular Boo Batter Ice Cream for people to try.

The Boo Batter Ice Cream has been a fan favorite for many years as it has occasionally popped on the menu during the spooky season. And now it is making a return to come back and spook some more people with a tasty flavor.

Cold Stone Creamery’s Boo Batter Ice Cream features a pitch-black version of the brand’s signature Cake Batter Ice Cream.

And because of this, the Boot Batter Ice Cream is also being used in Cold Stone Creamery’s “Trick or Treat Creation“, which features Boo Batter Ice Cream mixed with trick-or-treat favorites Kit Kat, Halloween Oreo Cookies, and M&M’s.

Customers who order the new Trick or Treat Creation can also enjoy it by getting it in an orange waffle cone or bowl for an even more delicious effect.

Fans can get their hands on the popular Boo Batter Ice Cream or the Trick or Treat Creation by visiting any participating Cold Stone Creamery nationwide for a limited time.

Image via Cold Stone Creamery