Costco’s New Chocolate Chip Cookie Review: How Does It Taste?


Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you haven’t heard the news, Costco has recently dropped their iconic Churro from the food court menu and replaced it with the new Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Because of this, it’s been making waves all over the internet as many people are perplexed and confused. Many people loved the Churro and are wondering why exactly did they replace it with a Chocolate Chip Cookie which they already sell inside the store?

I felt the same way as well because inside the store, you can actually buy a huge box of Chocolate Chip Cookies for a really low price.

So either this new food court version must be absolutely delicious or Costco is losing its mind.

Either way, I want to find out exactly just how good this Chocolate Chip Cookie is because many people are having different reactions to it. Some love it, some hate it and some are just down the middle. So we’re going to try it for ourselves and see if its worth it or not.

Lets get started!

Buying Costco’s New Chocolate Chip Cookie

Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie in Package

Now as you know, Costco’s policy is to only allow customers inside if they have a membership card. And fortunately for me, I do have a membership card so I could always just waltz right in. But I also do notice that a lot of times, they don’t even check it anymore so I’m not too sure.

Either way, when I came to my local Costco, they didn’t really ask me to show my membership card and I just walked right inside straight to the food court.

And just like always, Costco’s food court is completely packed.

I could see many people ordering the pizzas, some chicken bakes and also a few of them were also ordering the new Chocolate Chip Cookie.

On the menu that was on top of the wall, it showed the cookie being around $2.49, which is a bit expensive if you ask me, but lets see if its worth it.

So I went to the computer and placed my order for one cookie. It came out to around $2.70 after tax, which still is a bit expensive. But I didn’t have to wait long as it only took 1 minute before my number was called and they gave me my cookie.

And I had to say, this cookie definitely felt heavy and I could already smell the sugar. So I can’t wait any longer, lets get straight into this review!

What Does Costco’s New Chocolate Chip Cookie Look Like

Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie in Package Slightly Opened

Looking at what the employees gave me, Costco’s new Chocolate Chip Cookie came in an opened style paper pocket. With an easy opening as you just tilt one corner to the side, you could easily see the cookie.

And I had to say, I was surprised.

Costco’s new Chocolate Chip Cookie was absolutely gigantic in size. In fact, I lifted it in front of me and it almost felt like it was the size of my face.

Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie

It was perfectly round with so many chocolate chips being shown on the cookie.

Plus what I noticed was that the cookie itself was also very warm, which is a plus for me as I love warm cookies.

Asides from that, I also noticed that the cookie itself was really soft as well. Like, if I were to put any more pressure onto it, it would literally break in half. That’s how soft the cookie is.

Anyways, lets bite into it!

What Does Costco’s New Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Like

Holding Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie Backside

Holding Costco’s new Chocolate Chip Cookie up, I could see that it was definitely a big cookie. I immediately took a bite into it, and let me tell you my took just sank it like it was butter.

That’s how soft it was.

And immediately I could sense a delicious cookie flavor with a strong amount of sugar.

By this, I mean that this thing was sweet, extremely sweet, maybe too sweet. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, as it was probably one of the best cookies I have ever tried from Costco.

The cookie itself has a slightly crisp outer edge, but once you bite down into it, you’ll get into the soft warm layers of the cookie. And because it was nice and warm, it kind of just melted the minute it touched your tongue.

Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie With Bites

The chocolate chips on the inside of the cookie were also really soft and somewhat melted that with each bite, it literally oozes chocolate right into your mouth.

This was a great cookie that masterfully incorporated both the chocolate chips and the cookie together.

And what I loved most was that the chocolate chips used in this cookie does not actually have a strong bitterness to it. It has somewhat of a slight cocoa feel with a deep richness that would make you want more and more of it.

But I do have to say, it was extremely sweet as after a few bites my tooth started to hurt from how sweet it was.

Flavor was honestly very good but it was just too sweet for me.

I still think Costco did a good with this cookie and I can definitely see many people coming to buy it.

How Can Costco’s New Chocolate Chip Cookie Be Improved

Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie Inside Look

With that being said, Costco’s new Chocolate Chip Cookie is absolutely amazing. But the one thing they need to work on is the sugar levels as this thing was way too sweet. I know that will be a turn off for many as the sugar itself is through the roof.

If Costco somehow lowered the amount of sugar that was in this cookie, I can see it selling like hotcakes.

Not only that, I do wish Costco made the cookie a little bit cheaper because at around $2.49 before tax, that is a pretty expensive cookie. Even though it is big in size, just the price alone will scare away some customers.

But other than that, the new Chocolate Chip Cookie is a pretty good item and I can definitely see it being on the menu for the long haul.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, Costco is Costco and what they are known for is providing great products for people to enjoy. And I can see customers coming from all over wanting to buy this new Chocolate Chip Cookie. After all, many people especially Americans love eating these types of cookies, so they would definitely fall in love with this item.

If you have the chance, I would definitely say to give the new Costco Chocolate Chip Cookie a try because it is really good. Just keep in mind that it’s extremely sweet, but if you like sweet things, then this might be up your alley.

Overall Rating: 7.8

Let us know, have you tried Costco’s new Chocolate Chip Cookie? If so, how did it taste?