Crumbl Cookies Debuts New Candy Cane Brownie Cookies Through December 2, 2023


Crumbl Cookies Debuts New Candy Cane Brownie Cookies Through December 2, 2023

Crumbl Cookies has just announced that another week has gone by, which means a new line-up of cookies is coming to the menu for everyone to enjoy. This weeks menu includes Peanut Butter Crisp Cookies, Triple Berry Cobbler Cookies, Candy Cane Brownie Cookies and so much more!

As you know, each and every week, Crumbl Cookies will change up their menu line-up so that customers who come will be able to enjoy a variety of different choices and flavors each and every time. And this week is no different as there is 6 new flavors for people to try.

The new line-up of cookies will be available starting November 27 and will last all the way through December 2, 2023.

Here is this weeks line-up of cookies for you to buy:

  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk: Chocolate chip, but make it chunky—a delicious cookie filled with irresistible semi-sweet chocolate chunks and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.
  • Peanut Butter Crisp: A rich cookie bursting with creamy peanut butter, melted chocolate, and crunchy Butterfinger® pieces.
  • Triple Berry Cobbler: An oaty trio of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry, swirled with delicious cinnamon cream cheese frosting and decorated with a dash of cinnamon streusel.
  • Candy Cane Brownie: A deliciously rich chocolate candy cane cookie topped with smooth peppermint buttercream, chocolate ganache, and crunchy candy cane pieces.
  • Cake Batter Blondie (Rainbow): A perfectly smooth cookie packed with white drops and a delightful splash of rainbow sprinkles.
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate: A rich chocolate cookie smothered in hot cocoa-flavored mousse and topped with fluffy mini marshmallows.

Customers wanting to try the new flavors of cookies like the Candy Cane Brownie Cookie, Triple Berry Cobbler Cookie, Frozen Hot Chocolate Cookie and more can do so by visiting any participating location nationwide from now through December 2, 2023.

Image via Crumbl Cookies