Crumbl Cookies Debuts New Peppermint Ice Cream Cookie And More Through December 24, 2023


Crumbl Cookies Debuts New Peppermint Ice Cream Cookie And More Through December 24, 2023

Crumbl Cookies has just announced that they are doing their weekly rotation of cookies once again with a new line-up of six cookies. Some of which includes the new Peppermint Ice Cream Cookie, Gingersnap Cookie, Cinnamon Roll Cookie and so much more.

The new line-up of cookies will officially be on the menu starting December 18th and will last the entire week until December 24, 2023. It can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only.

As you know, Crumbl Cookies constantly changes up their menu each and every week so that customers can enjoy a wider variety of cookies anytime they visit. And this week is no different as the menu will feature six different cookies for customers to enjoy.

Here is a list of the new cookie line-up for this week:

  • Milk Chocolate Chip: The classic—you can’t go wrong. Thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips.
  • Turtle: A dark chocolate cookie rolled in chopped pecans, topped with a pool of caramel, melted milk chocolate, and pecans.
  • Birthday Cake (Holiday): A cake batter cookie topped with smooth cake batter cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles.
  • Cinnamon Roll: A vanilla sugar cookie topped with cinnamon streusel and swirled with vanilla cream cheese frosting.
  • Gingersnap: A classic cookie bursting with flavors of molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon and ginger, all coated with sugar crystals.
  • Peppermint Ice Cream: A chilled vanilla bean cookie mixed with chunks of peppermint pieces topped with a swirl of peppermint white chocolate frosting and finished with crushed peppermint pieces.

Fans wanting to try this weeks new rotation of cookies featuring Peppermint Ice Cream Cookie, Cinnamon Roll Cookie, Gingersnap Cookie and more can do so by visiting any participating Crumbl Cookies location nationwide for a limited time only until December 24, 2023.

Image via Crumbl Cookies