Dairy Queen Debuts New Spicy Chicken Strip Country Basket In Texas


Dairy Queen Introduces New Spicy Chicken Strip Country Basket

Dairy Queen has just announced that they are adding a new item to their menu being the Spicy Chicken Strip Country Basket.

However, one thing to note is that the new Spicy Chicken Strip Country Basket is only going to be available in the stores located in Texas. This is not a national wide roll out, other states around the country will not have access to this item.

Dairy Queen’s new Spicy Chicken Strip Country Basket features tender, crispy, and crunchy 100 percent all-white meat chicken perfectly seasoned with a kick of spice that is sure to please spice lovers. It comes served with a side of crispy fries, Texas Toast, ranch, and also a drink.

And according to the website, the new basket is being offered in either the 4 piece or 6 piece options, with the starting price being listed at around $9.99. (Price may vary by location)

On that note, because of the release of this new item, Dairy Queen is offering up a contest where customers can win some cool prizes. Basically between the dates of October 2 through November 12, 2023, customers who enter the contest through a form on the website can be eligible to win.

The prize includes:

  • Weekly Winners: $75 Gift Cards
  • Grand Prize: $1000 Gift Cards for you and a friend

Fans wanting to get their hands on the new Spicy Chicken Strip Country Basket can do so by visiting any of the Dairy Queen locations in Texas for a limited time.

Image via Dairy Queen