Does Burger King Have Shakes? What To Know


Burger King Shakes

If you ever been to Burger King, then you’ll know that they serve a variety of different items. From burgers to sandwiches or even fries and more. But what about Shakes? Does Burger King have Shakes?

After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice cold shake when having some fries or a burger?

Just the feeling of sipping something cooling and flavorful while also being sweet when you’re eating some savory foods will work magic together.

So if you’re ever wondering if Burger King has Shakes or not, then you’re in the right place. Here we take a look at their menu to see exactly what kind of desserts they serve and if they have shakes or not.

Lets get started!

Does Burger King Have Shakes?

Burger King Shake Front View

Now if you’re wondering does Burger King have Shakes, then you’ll be happy to hear that they do. In fact, Burger King carries a variety of different shakes for everyone to try.

Although they don’t carry too many selections, they do carry the most popular flavors such as Vanilla or Chocolate as well as some special shakes too.

And depending on the season or event, sometimes Burger King will even release a specialized creation of shakes that is pertaining to whatever season or event it is. For instance, a few years ago they released a Peppermint Oreo Shake for a limited time only.

So it all depends on when you are visiting as their menu will constantly change.

But to answer your question, “Yes, Burger King does have Shakes”.

What Shakes Does Burger King Have?

Burger King Desserts Menu Another Angle

Like we mentioned above, Burger King carries a few different variety of shakes for customers to try. In fact, as of right now, they are carrying four different variety of shakes.

They include the following:

  • Classic Oreo Shake
  • Chocolate Oreo Shake
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Vanilla Shake

Which as you can see, they pretty much carry all the popular flavors that most people tend to order.

Now that doesn’t mean they won’t be adding or taking away some flavors too. In fact, depending on the time you visit, it may be a special holiday or event or something, but Burger King does like to release seasonal and special shakes too.

For instance, way back in 2012, Burger King debuted the Gingerbread Shakes which was amazingly popular and tasted delicious. They also had a Peppermint Oreo Shake a few years ago and also the special Lucky Charms Shakes as well.

So it all depends on when you decide to visit, but you can rest assured that at the very least, they will have the classics like the Chocolate or Vanilla Shakes for you to enjoy.

How Much Does Burger King Shakes Cost?

Burger King Shakes Another Angle

Being as how Burger King is a fast food restaurant, you can expect their pricing of their foods to be pretty low. And that extends to their shakes as they are all fairly priced for what you are getting.

For instance, according to Burger King’s Website, their Classic Oreo Shake is being listed at around $3.79, the Chocolate Oreo Shake is being listed for around $3.79, the Chocolate Shake is being listed for $3.19, and the Vanilla Shake is also being listed for around $3.19.

As for the limited time or special seasonal shakes, they tend to be a bit more expensive than regular shakes but still pretty affordable.

So by looking at the prices, you can see that it typically hovers around the $3 to $4 dollar range. Although price may vary depending on where you live, but it shouldn’t vary too much.

Are Burger King Shakes Good?

Burger King Oreo Shake Front View

Now if you’re wondering whether or not Burger King Shakes are good, then rest assured that they are indeed very good. After all, you can’t really go wrong with sweets and seeing as how Burger King carefully crafts their shakes, you can definitely expect it to be packed with tons of flavor.

For instance, the Vanilla Shake that they serve is cooling and refreshing while being thick too. It also has a slight marshmallow type of flavor which is nice.

Or if you’re trying the Chocolate shake, then just like the Vanilla, it’s also thick and cooling but has a nice cocoa flavor flowing throughout. It’s not really bitter like most chocolates but has a nice balance of sweetness to it.

Plus, when you pair the shakes up with your savory foods like fries or a burger, it actually tastes much better. Because mixing together sweet and savory is a fantastic combination that your tongue will thank you for.

How Many Calories Are In Burger King Shakes

Burger King Oreo Shake Top View

One thing to know is that shakes are not the best items to have when you’re thinking of calories. In fact, when you’re wondering how many calories are in a Burger King Shake, you will be surprised to know that they actually are pretty calorie heavy.

For instance, the special shakes like the Classic Oreo Shake has around 640 calories where as the Chocolate Oreo Shake has around 670 calories. Now if you’re wanting the classics, then the Chocolate Shake has around 590 calories where as the Vanilla Shake has around 560 calories.

Which as you can see, is not the smallest in the world.

In fact, one shake is pretty much a whole meals worth of calories if you were to drink the entire thing.

But lets be honest here, sometimes you just want to indulge yourself or treat yourself to some good tasting foods. And what’s better than shakes? So don’t hold yourself too hard on this and just enjoy it in moderation.


With that being said, Burger King is a place that serves a variety of different items that most people enjoy. From whoppers to fish sandwiches or even mozzarella sticks. But their shakes are probably my favorite things to get there.

Whether it’s the Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Shake or even the special Shakes, they have a good variety for you to choose from.

So at the end of the day, if you’re still wondering does Burger King have Shakes? Then rest assured that the answer is “Yes, they have shakes and they taste pretty darn good”.