Does Burger King Still Give Out Crowns?


Burger King Crown

Whenever you go to visit a Burger King, you always want to be treated like royalty. After all, Burger King does have the word King in its name and one of the most famous things that the company is known for is giving out beautiful crowns for people to wear.

It’s one of the best perks about visiting this restaurant as anytime you visit, you can simply ask for a crown and then be able to wear it on your head.

Thus, making you feel like royalty as you’re eating your burger and fries.

However, many years has passed since Burger King first introduced the crowns, and depending on where you visit, you might not even see them being advertised anymore. Which begs the question: Does Burger King Still Give Out Crowns?

It’s a question many of us want to know so lets go do a deep dive into how Burger King operates and see exactly if they still give out crowns or not.

What Is A Burger King Crown?

Burger King Crown Picked Up Front Side

For those who don’t know, Burger King Crowns are basically crowns made out of paper that the company hands out to customers so that they can wear it on their heads. Typically, these crowns were made to give to kids or anyone wanting to have a fun experience at the restaurant pretending they are royalty.

Originally introduced back in the 1950’s, the crowns were an instant hit especially among the younger audience like kids as they loved to wear it as it made the entire eating experience so much more enjoyable. As years went by, it continued to be a success and the company eventually changed the design around the 1970’s to make the crown into plastic.

While being plastic, it was able to become more durable and was also able to be designed in a variety of different colors and visuals which greatly attracted many customers. From those wanting to collect the crowns for their own stash to those just wanting to wear it for fun.

Burger King Crown Picked Up

However, in todays time, the famous Burger King crown is now being made out of paper. Which is still great as it is able to fit the sizes of many different head shapes. And depending on when you visit, Burger King will sometimes have a themed crown in which it will be decorated and colored in a special manner perfectly fitting the theme of whatever they are promoting.

The Burger King Crowns are typically designed in a way where there are a bunch of jewels and gems all around with symbols as well giving the appearance of a majestic crown.

So at the end of the day, Burger Kings Crowns are basically hats shaped in a crown form with various designs and colors on them for you to wear.

Are Burger King Crowns Free?

Burger King Crown Laid Out On Corner

If you’re wanting to get yourself a Burger King Crown, then you’ll be happy to know that the company offers the crowns completely for free. Doesn’t matter if you are dining-in or ordering to-go, as long as you want a crown then they will offer it to you for free.

In fact, most Burger King locations will have the crowns laying out all around the restaurant. And typically if you want one, you just grab it and its yours. You don’t really need to ask anybody unless they are not out in the open for you to find.

And if they aren’t out in the open, you can simply just ask any employee to see if they have any in stock (Which they usually will), and have them hand it to you.

Burger King will never charge you for a Burger King Crown.

How Many Burger King Crowns Can You Get?

Holding burger King Crown

Burger King Crowns are some of the most popular items ever that you can get from Burger King. Which is why sometimes people tend to want to grab quite a few. And as of right now, there isn’t really a limit as to how many crowns you can get.

A lot of people especially with families like to take their kids to Burger King and have the entire family wear a crown which is nothing unusual. Meaning sometimes you’ll see entire families being able to get like 3, 4, 5 or more crowns just so that every family member is able to wear one.

But even though there isn’t really a limit as to how many Burger King Crowns you can get, you probably shouldn’t take advantage of this and ask for too many. After all, they got to keep some in stock for other customers too.

Which is why, as long as you are asking for a reasonable amount, then they will most likely give it to you.

What Are Burger King Crowns Made Out Of?

Holding burger King Crown Side View

As you know, Burger King Crowns were around for many years already with them first being introduced back in the 1950’s. Being as how they were out for that many years, you can definitely expect the crowns to have changed quite a bit.

Back then they were made from plastic and many other materials, but nowadays to keep cost low it has been changed to being made out of paper.

Usually the paper is a bit thick, somewhat like a cardboard but holds up wear and doesn’t easily break. The paper Burger King crowns are easily able to be adjusted and will usually come in various colors fitting for royalty. Plus, being made from paper gives the company the ability to easily make various designs anytime they want.

So with that being said, Burger King Crowns are made from paper.

Does Burger King Still Give Out Crowns?

Burger King Crown Laid Out On Chair

Now if you’re wanting to get your hands on a Burger King Crown, then you have nothing to worry about. As Burger King is still giving out crowns to anybody who asks.

In fact, depending on your Burger King location, they restaurant might just have a bunch of crowns placed all around the area so anybody can just go in and take one when they want.

Although depending on the season, sometimes the Burger King you are visiting might run out of crowns. In this case, you might have to wait a few days or weeks or just visit another Burger King to get a crown.

Additionally, Burger King likes to do special promotions and when they do, the crowns will also be specially designed which will have everybody wanting to get their hands on one. So if you’re wanting to get a crown around this time, you have to act fast before they run out. (Or you can just wait a few weeks for more to be in stock)

But yes, Burger King still does give out crowns and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future.


With that being said, Burger King Crowns are some of the best items ever given from any fast food restaurant. Just being able to wear a crown while your eating your food definitely makes you feel like royalty and heightens the experience.

Now if you’re still wondering whether or not if Burger King still gives out crowns, then the answer is “Yes, Burger King still gives out Burger King Crowns”.

So the next time you visit a Burger King, make sure to ask for a Burger King Crown as you will definitely enjoy it.