Does Chipotle Have WiFi? Here’s What You Should Know


Chipotle Front Entrance

Have you ever wanted to bring your laptop to Chipotle to do some work? If so, then you might just be wondering about their WiFi.

After all, WiFi is probably one of the most important things you’ll need when you go to do your work.

But does Chipotle have WiFi?

It would totally suck if you bring all your work to Chipotle only to find out that you can’t even use their internet.

Which is why, here in this article, we will be finding out exactly if Chipotle offers WiFi or not. And if it does, we’ll be answering all you need to know about it, from how fast it is to does it cost money and so much more.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

Can You Bring Your Laptop To Chipotle?

Chipotle Entrance To Food

Now if you’re like me, you’ll often wonder if you can bring your work to Chipotle. By this, I mean your Laptop, since they have so many tables and it’s quite comforting to do work while eating.

And fortunately for you, the answer is actually yes!

In fact, a lot of customers have brought their Laptops to Chipotle to do some work.

Although in most cases, this is actually frowned upon by the staff as the store isn’t exactly meant for customers to loiter around for a long time. It’s mostly an area for people to get their food, eat it, and then be on their way.

But that doesn’t stop people from bringing their laptops in to work.

And to my knowledge, I don’t think I have seen Chipotle actually kick anybody out for working on their laptop. However, I do think you’ll still have to be courteous of others, especially if the store is pretty busy and people need seats to eat.

So to answer your question, Yes you can bring your laptops, but it isn’t exactly the best place to do your work.

Does Chipotle Have WiFI?

Chipotle Front Dining Area

Now one of the most important questions you’ll probably have wondering is if Chipotle has WiFi or not. And the answer is actually No they don’t.

I know this might seem like a shocker especially because so many stores all around do offer WiFi for customers to use.

But Chipotle is actually against having WiFi.

The reason for this is because Chipotle considers their store to be a place of eating and food. They want customers to focus on the foods that they provide and have an enjoying meal.

By allowing WiFi, it means that customers aren’t really paying attention to their foods and are just browsing around on the internet doing other things. Which Chipotle themselves have said that they do not like that idea.

Heck, Chipotle has even gone on social media multiple times and said that Chipotle is a place for food and connecting with one another, and not a place for browsing around the internet.

So if you’re ever thinking about bringing in your Laptop or Smartphone and wanting to use the stores WiFi, well you’re square out of luck. Because they don’t have any WiFi for customers to use and will never have it in the foreseeable future.

Does Chipotle Have Free WiFi?

Lining Up At Chipotle Ordering Food

Just like we mentioned earlier, Chipotle in fact does not offer WiFi of any kind. Which is why if you’re wondering if they even have Free WiFi, then you’re out of luck.

Going to Chipotle means that you’re going to go there to eat food and enjoy it then be on your way out.

It’s not a place for you to sit around for hours on end taking up space and browsing the internet.

Now, you may be able to get WiFi if the Chipotle you visit is nearby some other stores who offer it. And that would probably be the best case scenario where you can actually access the WiFi to use. But for most cases, if your Chipotle is not surrounded by other stores, then you’re most likely not able to get access to WiFi.

And it’s not just Free WiFi either, Chipotle doesn’t even have a WiFi where you can pay to use it.

They just simply don’t have WiFi at all, which is pretty unfortunate.

Either way, you’ll probably have to go elsewhere or maybe even back home if you are wanting to use the WiFi.

Why Does Chipotle Not Have WiFi?

Chipotle Front Lobby

A store not having WiFi is actually a pretty common thing to do. In fact, if you look around, many fast food stores and restaurants do not offer WiFi.

The reason for this is because these places are meant to be for eating and enjoying the food.

By having WiFi, it takes away from the experience and you’re not focusing on the food anymore but on other stuff.

Not only that, these stores cater to hundreds and thousands of people each and every day. People are constantly going in to order their food, maybe sit around to eat and then be on their way out.

If a store suddenly decides to offer WiFi, then it’ll bring a lot of people coming in just to loiter around. And if you think about it, if a bunch of these people come in just to use the WiFi, that means they’ll be sitting around for hours on end.

Meaning, there will be less open tables for you to sit at and enjoy your food.

Which is why, it’s actually a pretty smart decision for Chipotle to not offer WiFi.

This means that people will come in, order their food, and then either eat or be on their way.

Overall Thoughts

With that being said, Chipotle is an amazing place that has delicious foods of various kinds for customers to enjoy. However, one thing they do not provide is WiFi, because it will have customers staying around for too long of a time and ruins the experience of others as well as the food.

So if you ever wanted to use WiFi and are wanting to go to Chipotle, then you’re probably out of luck. You’ll just have to go to some other store to use WiFi as they’ll never have that option for you to use.

Long story short, Chipotle does not have WiFi and will never have WiFi in their stores for customers to use.