Does Jack In The Box Have A Fish Sandwich? How Does It Taste?

Mayank Kansal

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich SIDE VIEW CLOSE UP

While growing up in Houston Texas, the name Jack in the Box used to be mentioned quite frequently! This is because the state of Texas has the second most Jack in the Box locations in the entire US. 

They were and still are easily a top 5 fast food chain restaurant for many local residents. They offer such a wide array of items that it can accommodate for just about any customer. 

Whether you are looking for breakfast items, traditional burgers, tacos, or even eggrolls, Jack in the Box has something for you. 

While I love the idea of getting 2 tacos for only 99 cents, what if someone is craving a fish sandwich? Having such a wide array of food items, it is only natural to assume Jack in the Box would have something to satisfy those cravings as well.

If you are a pescatarian, currently practicing Lent, or someone that just likes fish sandwiches in general and are curious if Jack in the Box offers a fish sandwich, look no further as you have come across the right spot to address that inquiry. 

In this article we will discuss some possible options for fish lovers, and ultimately answer the question of “Does Jack In The Box have a Fish Sandwich?”

So with that said, let us get started.

What Is A Fish Filet Sandwich?

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich wrapped

A typical fish filet sandwich is not too far off visually in comparison from your traditional burgers or chicken sandwiches. The meat in the fish filet is what was cut off or sliced away lengthwise along the side of a fish parallel to the backbone. 

Some of the most common choices of types of fishes used in the fast food industry are Alaskan Pollock, Tilapia, Flounder, and Cod.

Every chain restaurant varies in which fish they provide in their fish filet sandwiches, but you can always check their websites and order based on your preference. 

The battered fish filets are deep fried when you place your order, and this helps to provide that crispy texture when you get ready to bite into it. 

The other components that make up the fish filet sandwich are generally the same with one exception, the tartar sauce!

While some folks still want to use ketchup or mayonnaise, the tartar sauce provides a rich flavor with its 3 – 4 ingredients and really helps the sandwich come together. 

Besides the sauce, you will commonly see pickles, tomatoes, cheese slices, shredded lettuce, all of which is enclosed between two buttered or toasted buns for a delicious bite.

That is basically what a Fish Filet Sandwich is!

Does Jack In The Box Have A Fish Filet Sandwich?

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich TOP VIEW

If you are among the many individuals that have ever questioned if Jack in the Box has a fish filet sandwich, then you will be quite excited to know that yes they in fact do have a fish sandwich!

There is only one catch, you will likely miss out on it 10 months throughout the year, as it is a limited time item. The fish filet sandwich by Jack in the Box has been promoted each year around February and March or March and April for as long as I can remember. 

Interestingly enough, most of the other fast food chains also follow a similar pattern which also coincidentally happens to be around the same time as Lent.

The fish filet sandwich by Jack in the Box looks very plain and simple, but do not let that fool you as sometimes those dishes tend to be quite tasty.

It offers a crispy panko breaded wild caught Alaskan Pollock fish filet. The filet has a small but sufficient amount of tartar sauce on it on one side, and the other side of the filet is accompanied by fresh shredded lettuce. 

Lastly all three of those components are placed within two nicely toasted buns. While I know it sounds good, you can not wait too long on trying this out because remember it is only here for a limited time.

How Much Does Jack In the Box’s Fish Filet Sandwich Cost?

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich TOP VIEW WITH BUN OFF

For a fast food chain known to have 2 tacos for 99 cents, you can be rest assured that you will be getting a pretty decent bang for your buck.

As of right now in February 2024, if you were to purchase Jack in the Box’s fish filet sandwich by itself, it would be $3.29 plus tax.

Oftentimes you can not have a filling meal just by ordering the sandwich by itself, and thankfully there are combo options which allow you to get fries as well as a drink. 

The small combo of fish filet sandwich with fries and a drink will cost you $6.49.  You can also order a medium combo for $7.48, and lastly the large combo for a mere 30 cents more which comes $7.78 plus tax. 

I have been to my fair share of fast food restaurants for their fish filet sandwiches, and you just absolutely can not get combo meals for as little as what Jack in the Box charges.

It is normal to assume lower costing items might mean lower quality of ingredients, but Jack in the Box will surprise you in the most positive way.

What Does Jack In the Box’s Fish Filet Sandwich Taste Like?

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich TARTAR SAUCE ON FISH FILET

Has this article put you on the cusps of buying the fish filet sandwich from Jack in the Box, but are not sure if you will like the taste? 

Well worry no more, as we just got a freshly made fish filet sandwich from them and will look into how it tastes.

Right from the start as you get that first bite, you get to taste the toasted bun with its amazing buttery exterior. The bun itself was toasted very nicely and on the inside it was very soft and pillowy. 

Immediately after you are greeted with some fresh shredded lettuce. Normally I would say lettuce is lettuce so even if it is soggy it gets a pass since it is understandable for it to become moist from the fried fish filet. 

This lettuce however was so fresh, I could hear its crispiness and the crunch as I was biting into it. 

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich HALF EATEN

Finally your taste buds will get into contact with the star of this fish filet sandwich, the crispy panko breaded wild caught Alaskan Pollock fish filet. 

There was just the right amount of breading which provided that crispy texture outside of the fish filet after it was fried. Also thankfully because the breading was so thin, it did not leave a chewy sensation which you can get while eating tempura style foods. 

The camera on my phone does not do it justice, but the fish filet itself was soft and flaky with a good amount of seasoning. 

I was unsure if the seasoning was directly from the filet or a combination from the filet and the tartar sauce. Regardless, it completely worked!

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich HALF EATEN

Honestly the tartar sauce they used visually made it seem like it was just mayonnaise, until I noticed some small pieces of relish. 

In terms of taste the tartar sauce was pretty decent. I could see they were a bit too generous with the sauce and it was not necessarily even spread across the filet. 

That relatively large section of the tartar sauce caused the bottom bun to be slightly soggy and pressed in.

The one thing I will mention is that your experience may differ from mine as each of the Jack in the Box’s participating locations work independently. 

Is Jack In the Box’s Fish Filet Sandwich Worth It?

Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich SIDE VIEW BUN LIFTED

In the realm of fast food retail giants, Jack in the Box most definitely has a seat on the table on the discussion of delicious food options. 

While the fish filet sandwich from Jack in the Box seems a bit plain, preventing a sandwich from being overcrowded with ingredients is absolutely crucial! 

Not only is this simple fish filet sandwich extremely tasty, but you will have a great level of difficulty in being able to find another fish filet sandwich that costs as low as the one offered by Jack in the Box!


Jack in the Box Fish Filet Sandwich

If you have been following along thus far then you know that thankfully Jack in the Box does indeed have a fish filet sandwich. 

Even though it is a bit simpler and less flashier compared to other food chains, it tastes absolutely amazing and those 3 components along with the toasted bun will provide you with a very satisfying bite. 

In today’s economy where everything seems to be absurdly priced, it is great to know that Jack in the Box’s fish filet sandwich will still provide you with a delicious and appetizing meal without breaking your wallet. 

Hopefully Jack in the Box will consider bringing back their fish filet sandwiches multiple times throughout the year, but until then make sure to grab one for yourself while it is here for a limited time!

Are you going to check out Jack in the Box’s fish filet sandwich?