Does KFC Give Free Refills On Buckets Of Chicken?


KFC Bucket of Chicken Opened

If you ever been on Tiktok recently, then you might have seen a video go viral where the creator said you can get free refills on buckets of chicken at KFC. The only thing is that you have to finish the entire bucket of chicken inside of the KFC restaurant. But the question is though, is this actually true?

Does KFC give free refills on buckets of chicken?

It’s a question many customers have been wondering about because if this is true, this would be a game changer. Everybody and their families would be ordering buckets of chicken and finishing it in store just to et a free refill.

Which is why here in this article we will see exactly if this claim is true or not. We will deep dive into KFC and see what their refill policy is and whether or not they give free refills to buckets of chicken.

Let’s get started!

What Are KFC Buckets Of Chicken?

KFC Bucket of Chicken Opened Another Angle

One of the best things about ordering from KFC is that you are able to get buckets of chicken. What this means is that you order so many pieces that they will have to put it inside of a bucket just to give it to you.

Which if you think about it, is actually pretty genius!

Who doesn’t want a bucket full of chicken?

And here at KFC, they offer a wide variety of buckets for customers to choose from. For instance, you can order either the 8-Piece Bucket, 12-Piece Bucket or even the 16-Piece Bucket. Now if that’s not enough, they also offer it in the meal where you can get some sides and biscuits as well with your bucket.

Additionally, when you order a KFC Bucket of Chicken, you can actually choose what type of chicken you want. For instance, you can choose whether you get all dark meat chicken or a variety which includes white meat. You can also choose between original recipe or extra crispy.

Whatever the choice may be, you probably aren’t leaving KFC without a bucket of chicken.

How Much Do KFC Buckets Of Chicken Cost?

KFC Bucket Of Chicken Inside

As to the price of how much a KFC Bucket of Chicken is, it’s actually decently priced. For instance, depending on if you just get the Bucket of Chicken or get it as a meal, the price can vary drastically.

If you were to order a la carte and just get the Bucket of Chicken, then an 8-Piece Bucket would cost around $17.99, 12-Piece Bucket would be around $24.99 while the 16-Piece would be around $31.99.

Now if you were to get the Meal Combos, then the 8-Piece Chicken Meal Bucket would be around $25.99, 12-Piece Chicken Meal Bucket would be around $35.99 while the 16-Piece Chicken Meal Bucket would be around $45.99. These meals come with a few sides and biscuits which makes it a bit more pricier than the a la carte version.

So as you can see, KFC Buckets of Chicken aren’t actually too pricey.

Plus, being as how the KFC chicken legs and thighs are all pretty big in size, whatever Bucket of Chicken you decide to get, you will most likely be full just from that.

Does KFC Give Free Refills On Buckets Of Chicken?

KFC Bucket Of Chicken Empty Another Angle

The biggest question that many people have right now is that they are wondering if KFC gives free refills on Buckets of Chicken. After all, the viral Tiktok video had garnered millions of views so everyone around the country is trying to see if this is real or not.

And unfortunately, the answer is that it was a fake video.

KFC does not have a refill policy for Buckets of Chicken and they definitely do not refill the buckets for free. In fact, if you finish your bucket while your in the store and want more chicken, then you will have to pay for another bucket or however many chicken you want.

And as you can see, KFC has made an official response to that video.

According to KFC themselves, the free bucket refill rumor is a lie. So anybody wanting to get a free refill on Buckets of Chicken at KFC will have to shell out additional money if they are wanting more chicken.

The good thing however is that KFC is constantly running promotions and deals so customers may want to keep checking back and see if there are any good deals coming for the Buckets of Chicken.

Are KFC Buckets Of Chicken Worth It?

KFC Bucket of Chicken

So after finding out that KFC does not actually offer free refills for Buckets of Chicken, you might be thinking if KFC Buckets of Chicken are actually worth it or not. And the answer to that is it depends. After all, buying from a fast food restaurant is typically always going to be more expensive than cooking your own food.

However KFC does offer their buckets at a reasonable price which isn’t too expensive for the average person. Plus, the chicken that they make is actually decent quality and pretty big in size. It also tastes really good as it is full of flavor.

Honestly, I would say if you’re in a time crunch and don’t have time to cook a sizable amount of food for you or your family, then the KFC Buckets of Chicken are actually pretty worth it. Additionally, if you get the meal combos then it’ll come with sides and biscuits which will definitely be enough for everyone to enjoy.


With that being said, everyone around the world has been wondering whether or not this claim for free refills of KFC Buckets of Chicken was true or not. And to everyone’s surprise, it was just a fake video made to get engagement from the viewers.

After all, if KFC actually did offer free refills on Buckets of Chicken, that would be totally chaotic as everybody would be rushing to KFC and buying buckets and buckets of chicken. They would run out of chicken so fast and would definitely lose money.

So to answer everyone’s question, KFC does not offer free refills on Buckets of Chicken. They never have and never will offer that kind of deal. The only thing you can do is to wait for promotions or discounts where they sell them for a bit cheaper of a price.