Does Popeyes Still Have Ghost Pepper Wings? How Does It Taste


Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings In Box Opened

Popeyes has recently announced that they are going to be serving chicken wings permanently for everyone to try. And as of right now, they currently offer the wings in five different flavors. But one of the most popular that people have been requesting is the Ghost Pepper Wings.

Does Popeyes still have Ghost Pepper Wings on their menu?

The answer is actually yes, they do! They have had Ghost Pepper Wings on their menu for quite a long time now and it is going to be a permanent addition to their wings menu. But for those who have never tried it, you may have some questions.

Which is why in this article we will go in-depth and give you all the information you need to know about Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings as well as how it tastes, how much it costs and so much more.

So lets begin!

What Are Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings?

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings In Hand

As you know, Popeyes has announced that they are getting into the chicken wings game permanently by debuting five flavors of wings that customers can buy. One of which is the Ghost Pepper Wings, which is one of the most popular wing flavors at Popeyes.

Ghost Pepper Wings was introduced a few years ago and has now become a regular menu item.

It’s basically chicken wings but covered in Ghost Pepper seasoning and flavors.

Which means that when you’re eating the Ghost Pepper Wings from Popeyes, you will literally feel the heat from the Ghost Peppers flowing all throughout your body. At least that is what Popeyes is saying from how spicy the new wings are going to be.

And incase you are wondering, there is no Ghost Pepper Sauce of any kind.

All Ghost Pepper Wings are is that they are literally just chicken wings that have been seasoned with Ghost Pepper seasonings and fried until crunchy. It does come paired with your choice of sauce, but most of the Ghost Pepper flavor is already in the wings.

How Much Are Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings?

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings Size Comparison

As to how much the Ghost Pepper Wings are, you should know that it’s not the cheapest item around. In fact, it comes out to an average of around $1 dollar per wing which can be shocking to some people.

Currently, Popeyes offers wings in either the 6-Piece, 12-Piece or even the 24-Piece sets. You could get them either in a combo with aside and a drink or you can get them a la carte. It doesn’t matter which flavor of wings you get, they are all going to be priced the same.

For instance if you were ordering a la carte, a 6-Piece wings at Popeyes costs around $5.99, 12-Piece wings will cost $11.49, while the 24-Piece wings will cost around $21.99. As you can see, the more wings you decide to buy, the cheaper it becomes per wing.

That’s the prices for a la carte though.

If you were to get the wings in a combo set with a side and a drink, then the prices will be a lot higher. Although not by much though, typically you’ll see a few dollars increase.

So as you can see, Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings depending on how many wings you get will typically set you back around $1 dollar per wing. It’s not the cheapest wing place around, but it’s also not the most expensive.

Does Popeyes Still Have Ghost Pepper Wings?

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings About To Dip In Ranch

Popeyes has recently just announced that they are making the Ghost Pepper Wings a permanent addition to the Popeyes Menu. This means that no matter when you visit, you will always be able to get your hands on the new Ghost Pepper Wings.

This is a pretty big change as a few months ago, the Ghost Pepper Wings were only a limited time item that was around for a few weeks.

But seeing as how popular the wings were and how many customers were wanting to buy them, Popeyes simply made a business decision to keep wings all year round. And hearing this made so many customers happy as Popeyes has some of the best wings you can ever get in fast food.

So to answer your question, Yes, Popeyes still does have the Ghost Pepper Wings and will have them on the menu permanently.

What Do Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings Taste Like?

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings With Batter Off

One thing to know about Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings is that they taste extremely good. The way Popeyes has made the wings, you would think they were a chicken wing restaurant all along.

The wings themselves are beautifully cooked with a nice crispy exterior while the inside is juicy and tender. One bite and you will feel a shattering thunder sound from the crunch of the outside. Where as the inside flows with the juices of the chicken.

But what about the Ghost Pepper Seasoning?

Well sure enough, the Ghost Pepper Wings have heat. You will instantly feel a nice burn in your mouth when your chewing around. A type of heat that kind of warms your whole body up while you have a tingling sensation on your tongue.

However, that’s as far as it goes.

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings With Bite and Ranch

For being called Ghost Pepper Wings, you would expect the wings to be extremely spicy, to the point where it’s almost blowing your mouth off with fire. But this simply does not do that, which is a shame. In all honesty, the heat from the wings just feels like a spicier version of a jalapeno.

Which I understand, because in America if you were to make the Ghost Pepper Wings taste like actual Ghost Peppers, then some customers might not like that and can actually get Popeyes in trouble. So I see why they toned the heat down a lot.

So calling it Ghost Pepper Wings when in actuality the heat isn’t as strong as a Ghost Pepper can be a bit misleading. Don’t get me wrong, the wings are very good indeed and have a decent spice and heat going in them. But these wings do not actually have the same heat as you would get from a Ghost Pepper.

Should You Get Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings?

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings In Box Opened

Now the big question remains, should you get the Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings? Well honestly, I would still say every customer should try it out at least once because the wings themselves are actually quite good.

But if you’re purely coming here for the Ghost Pepper Spice, then you might be a bit disappointed. After all, these wings have no where near the spice level as an actual Ghost Pepper.

However, these wings are made well and do taste delicious. So if you’re in a rush and just want to grab some fast food wings, then Popeyes isn’t a bad choice to pick. Not to mention the Ghost Pepper Wings are probably one of the better wings that they sell too.


With that being said, Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings are some of the most popular items that they sell. Many customers from all around love the wings for how they are made and the spice that it gives out. Fortunately for us, Popeyes has decided to make the Ghost Pepper Wings a permanent item which means now any customers can come and order the wings all year round.

So at the end of the day, Popeyes does indeed still have the Ghost Pepper Wings and they will be here permanently for you to buy.