Does Shake Shack Have A Drive-Thru? How To Order Quickly


Shake Shack Drive Thru Lane From Afar

Shake Shack being one of the most popular fast food chains around the country definitely has a way with the customers. Especially the ordering as they make it quick and simple. Customers can go in and either order at the counter or through a kiosk machine which makes things so easy. But what about a drive-thru? Does Shake Shack have a Drive-Thru that customers can use?

It’s funny to think about because in this day and age, you would think most fast food chains would have a drive-thru for people to order from.

However, that’s not really the case. Not all fast food restaurants actually have a drive-thru which means customers would actually have to go inside to order.

But does that apply to Shake Shack too? Well if you’re ever wondering if Shack Shack has a Drive-Thru or not, then you’re in the right place. Here we take a deep dive into the company and see exactly if they have a Drive-Thru or not.

Let’s get started!

Does Shake Shack Have A Drive-Thru

Shake Shack Drive Thru Far Away

You would guess that Shack Shack having over hundreds of locations nationwide, you would think that all of them would have a drive-thru. After all, what kind of fast food restaurant doesn’t have a drive-thru?

Well you would be surprised to hear that Shake Shack actually only recently started adding drive-thru’s to their restaurants. Many of the older Shake Shacks actually don’t have a drive-thru that people can use. In those locations, you would actually have to go in and place an order.

However, in recent years Shake Shack has decided to start adding drive-thru’s to their restaurants for people to have an easier time ordering. Although they don’t have too many locations at the moment, they are slowly adding them with more locations coming each and every month.

So depending on how old or new your Shake Shack is, it may or may not have a drive-thru.

For instance, there are a few locations in Houston that don’t have a drive thru, but the newest one that was built in the Sugarland area actually does have a drive-thru.

So to answer your question, Yes, Shake Shack does have a drive-thru, but it would depend on how new the Shake Shack you are wanting to visit is.

How To Order Through The Drive-Thru At Shake Shack

Now when you go through a drive-thru at Shake Shack to order, it’s actually a pretty easy process.

Basically all you have to do is to drive up to the speaker and wait for the employee to ask you what you want to order. The menu is right in front of you in a huge sign so you definitely can’t miss it. Then simply tell the employee what you want to order and then you can simply pay right then and there at the speaker.

Each speaker will have a payment system where you can use your credit card to tap, insert, or swipe to pay for your order.

Once you have paid for your order, simply drive up to the window in front of you to pick up your meal.

Now if you’re paying with cash then you’ll have to drive up to the same window where you would pick up your meal and hand over the cash to the employee. Then after paying, they’ll had you your food in a matter of minutes.

It’s a very simple process and works basically the same way like other fast food restaurants drive-thru lanes.

How Many Shake Shack Locations Have Drive-Thrus?

Shake Shack Drive Thru Menu

As you know, Shake Shack is still only just getting started with adding drive-thrus to their restaurants. Because of this, they actually don’t have many locations that have a drive-thru.

In fact, earlier this year in January, the CEO said that they had a total of around 11 restaurant locations that had drive-thru’s with more locations coming in the near months.

So if you were to put an estimate on how many Shake Shack locations have drive-thrus, I would say it would probably be less than 30 at this point in time.

Majority of the Shake Shack locations in the country still doesn’t have a drive-thru. So if you’re wanting to visit a location that does have one, then you might be out of luck unless you live in a big city or a place where they are just adding a new Shake Shack for people to visit.

Is Shake Shack Drive-Thru Worth It?

Shake Shack Drive-Thru Picking Up Item

Now if you’re wondering if going through the drive-thru lane at Shake Shack is worth it or not, well it would depend on how you are as a person.

If you like your food to come to you fast and without having to wait much then going to the drive-thru lane is probably the best choice you can make. Not only that, but you don’t have to get out of your car or be around so many people crowded inside the restaurant.

But in doing so, you would have to take your food to-go and basically eat at home, in your car or somewhere outside.

If you want to eat in the restaurant and sit around to relax then going through the drive-thru wouldn’t make much sense.

So to answer your question, it would depend on how you would like to enjoy your meal. If you’re in a rush and want to get your food in a hurry then the drive-thru lane at Shake Shack is absolutely worth it. If you want to enjoy your meal inside the restaurant then it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.


With that being said, Shake Shack does actually have drive-thru’s, but it would mostly be found in the newer locations. Most of the old locations around the country does not actually have a drive-thru.

So if you’re wanting to visit a Shake Shack with a drive-thru, you may want to call ahead and see if the location around you actually has one or not. Because not all locations will have one.

Either way, hope this article was able to help answer your question and clear your mind about if Shake Shack has a Drive-Thru or not.

Short answer is, Yes they do, but not all of them. Mostly the newer ones have drive-thrus and the company is going to be adding more drive-thru locations in the coming months.