Dunkin’ Debuts New DunKings Menu For 2024


Dunkin' Debuts New DunKings Menu For 2024

Dunkin’ has just announced that they are partnering up with Ben Affleck once again to help create the new DunKings Menu for everyone to try.

The new menu will officially go out on February 12, 2024 and can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only.

And according to the Dunkin, customers are able to access the two different menus, one being the regular menu that anyone can order from, while the other is on the Mobile App only and will have limited edition items.

Here is the DunKings Menu that everyone can access:

  • The DunKings Iced Coffee: This is Ben Afflecks go-to drink and features classic iced coffee with hints of vanilla combined with cream. It is then topped with some Sweet Cold Foam and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.
  • The DunKings Munchkins Skewers: Features three assorted MUNCHKINS conveniently placed on a skewer. And what’s great is that this item can be added to any beverage such as the DunKings Iced Coffee or just enjoyed as an a la carte item.

Dunkin’ customers who have the Dunkin’ Mobile App can also access additional menu items from the DunKings Menu featuring:

  • Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich: Features an everything Bagel that has Sweet Black Pepper Seasoned Bacon, white cheddar cheese and also an egg.
  • Hazelnut Heartthrob Iced Coffee: Features your choice of either a hot or iced coffee that is blended with sweet caramel as well as hints of hazelnut and whole milk.
  • Mixed Berry Beats Dunkin’ Refresher: Features a Strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Refresher that has an extra shot of raspberry flavor.

Fans wanting to try out the new DunKings Menu and try out items like the DunKings Iced Coffee, DunKings Munchkins Skewers and more can do so by simply visiting any participating location nationwide starting today for a limited time only.

Image via Dunkin’