Ex-McDonalds Chef Explains Why They Will Never Have Onion Rings


McDonalds Onion Rings Story

Ever wonder why some of your favorite fast food spots never serve onion rings on the menu? Well fortunately for you, a recent former McDonalds corporate chef has just told the inside truth about why companies like McDonalds refuse to serve them anytime soon.

For those who have been following Tiktok for awhile, you’ll sometimes come across a creator who is called Mike Haracz, and see his posts about food in the fast food world. However, you’ll soon realize that this creator Mike Haracz, is actually a former McDonalds corporate chef and has been using the platform detailing all the secrets about how McDonalds operates its business.

And recently on September 28, 2023, Mike posted a Tiktok video explaining to people exactly why companies like McDonalds and other fast food places don’t serve the popular crispy onion rings that every one loves.

In a video that quickly ballooned to over 50,000 views and over 300 comments, “McDonald’s is most profitable when it is the most efficient and that efficiency in scale”, says Mike.

He notes that this doesn’t only apply to onion rings, but actually many other items too.

For instance, he says that if McDonalds were to sell onion rings, then it would most likely reduce the number of people who order french fries – a menu item which is being “over-the-top profitable” for McDonalds. However, if they did decide to sell onion rings, it would only be for a limited time only.

This is because McDonalds currently overcharges for its french fries compared to many other items. So the profit margins are amazingly high. So bringing on an item that would decrease the number of sold french fries wouldn’t be in the best interest for them.

Plus, if they were to sell onion rings, they would have to make it more expensive because of all the hurdles they would have to go through to make it as it is not as efficient.

And it’s not just onion rings either.

In fact, Mike recently spoke to the “New York Post“, and said that too many chicken options would have the same effect. What McDonalds is trying to do is to increase their profitability and efficiency. If they were to add too many options, it would not bring in many new customers and also reduce the volume of other items.

Because of this, Mike Haracz says that he doesn’t see McDonalds ever rolling out onion rings anytime soon or in the future.

In other parts of the video, he says that “If they can sell all of the same thing, if McDonald’s could sell one thing and that’s it, it would be great for them, so they actually, especially more recently, have reduced choice and reduced options,”

With that being said, it’s not entirely impossible to see onion rings on the menu.

After all, earlier this year, McDonalds actually released onion rings here in the United States for people to try. However, this is only at one location and that being the McDonalds Headquarters Restaurant in Chicago.

So you never know, maybe McDonalds may or may not bring onion rings to the masses in the future.