Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Debuts New Dip Trippin’ Trio


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Launches New Dip Trippin’ Trio

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is bringing on more ways to dip with their release of the new Dip Trippin’ Trio.

The new Dip Trippin’ Trio is here for a limited time and features three custom dips for people to enjoy. The dips include handmade Guacamole, Fire-Roasted Arbol Chile Salsa, and also the brand’s signature Queso topped with freshly diced Pico de Gallo. The dips are paired up with a basket of fresh, warm tortilla chips for dipping.

Fans of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can find the new Dip Trippin’ Trio at any of the participating locations nationwide. The suggested price of this new Dip Trippin’ Trio is said to be around $9.99 to $12.99 depending on what location you visit.

Image via Fuzzy’s Taco Shop