How To Make Raising Cane’s Sauce – According To Employees


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Raising Canes is known to many as having one of the best chicken fingers in the fast food business. And that’s mostly because when paired with the Raising Cane’s Sauce, it becomes a match made in heaven. But being as how that sauce tastes so good, many people have been wondering how to make Raising Cane’s Sauce.

And according to Raising Cane’s, it’s a secret blend of different sauces that gives it that special flavor.

The exact recipe has been kept secret for quite awhile, however according to some Reddit posts from some former employees, they have spilled the beans on to how to make Raising Cane’s Sauce.

So lets take a look at it and see what they say!

What Is Raising Cane’s Sauce?

Raising Canes Sauce Close Up In Lid

One of the best things at Raising Cane’s is actually not the chicken fingers surprisingly but actually their sauce. And it’s the Raising Cane’s Sauce!

The Raising Cane’s Sauce is the company’s signature sauce.

Customers can find the sauce being offered in every single menu items that Raising Cane’s sells.

Whether it’s the Box Combo, the Caniac Combo, the 3 Finger Combo or any of their other menu items. You will always be able to find that the company has included the signature Raising Cane’s Sauce inside of them.

The sauce itself is a mixture of a variety of different sauces and spices mixed together. It kind of looks like thousand island sauce but tastes so much better. It’s an orangish color type of sauce and when you look at it, you can see quite a few different ingredients inside.

How Much Does Raising Cane’s Sauce Cost?

Raising Cane's Tender in Sauce

One thing that makes Raising Cane’s so amazing is that they sell the Raising Cane’s sauce for a really cheap price. In fact, every single combo or menu item you buy at Raising Cane’s, they will always include a free Raising Cane’s Sauce which is great.

However, if you want extra Raising Cane’s Sauce then you’ll have to pay for it.

But the price is actually really cheap.

For instance, for an additional side of Raising Cane’s Sauce you will need to pay around $0.39 for it. Which honestly isn’t bad at all considering the price. So if you’re wanting to buy one more sauce, two more sauce or even ten more sauces, it’ll just be $0.39 cents each. (Price may vary by location).

Keep in mind that this is for the small dipping containers.

Now asides from the addition sauce in a small container, did you know you can also get Raising Cane’s Sauce in a big cup? Yes, it’s true!

You can actually buy a Raising Cane’s Sauce in any one of their drinking cups. Small Cup, Medium Cup or even Large Cup, they can fill it all the way up with sauce. Now as for the pricing, it’s going to be a bit more expensive. Depending on your location, they may sell a cup of Raising Cane’s Sauce for around $4 to $5 dollars.

Which still isn’t bad considering you are getting a full drinking cup worth of sauce!

What Does Raising Cane’s Sauce Taste Like?

Raising Cane's Tender With Sauce And bite

Raising Cane’s Sauce is probably one of the best fast food sauces out there at this time.

The sauce itself is a magical blend of different sauces combined together to give it that distinct and unique flavor that everyone loves. For instance, when you try the sauce you’ll notice that it consists of a bit of a tangy sensation with some spice. It’s creamy and coats everything so well with a cooling sensation. It’s also a bit sweet too.

It’s like a thousand island sauce but with way more spices and flavor.

And when you actually taste the sauce by itself, you’ll notice that there are hints of garlic floating around which is a nice surprise.

As you know, when you try a Raising Cane’s chicken finger, the chicken finger itself doesn’t actually have any flavor. It’s pretty bland. But the saving grace here is the Raising Cane’s Sauce where it gives all that flavor you can ever want.

So if you ever decide to go to Raising Cane’s, make sure you get yourself some sauce because you will need it.

How To Make Raising Cane’s Sauce?

Raising Cane's 3 Finger Combo

Now Raising Cane’s Sauce is extremely popular all around the country. Many customers have been wanting to know just how to make this special sauce. And unfortunately, Raising Cane’s has kept their lips shut and is trying to keep the sauce a hidden secret.

However, fortunately for us, there is a Reddit page where former employees go on and tell all kinds of secrets.

One of these secrets is the popular Raising Cane’s Sauce.

Yes, you heard that right! Some of the employees have gone onto that reddit page and have explained the entire recipe for everyone to use.

According to the former employees who have gone on that page to discuss, the recipe to make Raising Cane’s Sauce is as followed:

  • 1/2 Cup Mayonnaise
  • 1/4 Cup Ketchup
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper to Taste
  • Let sauce sit for a few hours or overnight to get the best flavor.

As you can see, this recipe itself doesn’t seem that complicated and it actually makes sense.

Mayonnaise and Ketchup definitely would give that orange red color for the sauce. There’s also Garlic Salt as well for the flavor and the Black Pepper to give it that spice. It definitely does seem like the legit recipe as even current employees has said this is basically what it takes to make it.

In fact, if you go on any copycat recipe website, their recipe for making Raising Cane’s Sauce is also pretty similar to this. So it should stand that it’s probably a legit recipe.


With that being said, Raising Cane’s Sauce is one of the best things I ever tried. And if you been to Raising Cane’s, you would know exactly what I’m talking about. The sauce is creamy, tangy and full of bold spices that will have your tongue going wild.

So hopefully this article was able to help you better understand what Raising Cane’s Sauce is, what it taste like as well as how to make Raising Cane’s Sauce.