Jimmy John’s Debuts “Boy Math” Catering Bundle


Jimmy John’s Launches New Boy Math Catering Bundle

Jimmy John’s has just announced that they are getting in on the viral sensation from TikTok called “Boy Math” and debuting the new “Boy Math” Catering Bundle for everyone to try.

The new promotion is based off the viral TikTok trend that has been sweeping the world called “Boy Math“. With over 113 million views, Boy Math is basically giving explanations and reasons that defies all logic and doesn’t make sense.

Because of this, Jimmy John’s created the Boy Math Catering Bundle where guys can invite their friends over but not having to worry about making a bunch of food because they are limited on kitchen equipment. For any guys out there that don’t want to cook or don’t want to do dishes, this bundle allows you to impress others by doing far less.

Jimmy John’s Boy Math Catering Bundle basically features both a small and a large sizing option and includes sandwiches made fresh to order on fresh-baked bread with hand-sliced meats and fresh veggies, chips, premium sides, and of course, desserts! With each bundle, you can enjoy Jimmy John’s Giant Cookies or Fudge Chocolate Brownies.

Fans who want to get their hands on the new Boy Math Catering Bundle from Jimmy John’s can do so by going online to Jimmy Johns website or their Mobile App and place an order.

Image via Jimmy John’s