KFC Canada Replaces “Soggy Fries” With New Seasoned Fries


KFC Canada Replaces ‘Old Soggy Fries’ With New Seasoned Fries

KFC Canada has recently admitted that their current fries are terrible being “Old and Soggy“. Fortunately, they are changing things up by replacing their “old fries“, with a new “boldly seasoned fries” in an effort to help bring back its most loyal and caring fans.

In fact, according to KFC Canada, they are even holding a funeral for the “Old Fries” later this Thursday which is said to be live streamed.

And from what they said, the new Boldly Seasoned Fries “are crispy and seasoned enough to satisfy our toughest critics”.

Because of this, KFC Canada is offering a deal where guests can get a regular side of Seasoned Fries for $1 (or $0.75 cents USD) at participating locations all across Canada for a limited time.

Image via KFC Canada