KFC’s Chizza Review: How Does It Taste?


KFC Chizza In Box Opened Up

KFC has just released a brand new item called the Chizza for everyone to try. It’s suppose to be a Fried Chicken that is also a Pizza? It sounds weird, but actually looks really delicious to try.

As you know, KFC is not one to shy from innovation as every few months they are always releasing something that will drive the customers crazy.

Remember the Double Down? As good as that was, it was only around for a limited time only.

But a year later, they have done it again by debuting another wild creation which has got everyone up in arms. Is it a Pizza? Is it Fried Chicken? Or is it something else? What is this new Chizza item that KFC sells?

Which is why we here at Food Senpai will be going in to KFC and trying out this new Chizza. We will see exactly how much it costs, what it looks like, how it tastes and so much more.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

What Is KFC’s Chizza

KFC Chizza With Every Ingredient

For those who don’t know, KFC’s newest item that they just released is called the Chizza. Now this item is suppose to be a Chicken and Pizza combination where you have the Fried Chicken acting like the crust and then its covered with pizza ingredients.

Here is the official description from KFC:

This fried chicken pizza combination includes 2 of our Extra Crispy boneless chicken filets topped with savory marinara sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, and a kick of pepperoni.

Which after reading this, it does seem actually really delicious.

Now this isn’t the first time this item was ever released from KFC. In fact, it was originally made for the KFC’s in the Philippines. And eventually made its way all over Asia and eventually Europe and Mexico. But after a few years, it’s finally made its way to the USA.

And in my opinion, I would say it’s probably closer to that of a Chicken Parmesan than a pizza, but lets see how it tastes.

Buying KFC’s Chizza

KFC Chizza In Box

After reading the news that KFC has just released the Chizza, you know we had to go do a review on this.

So I immediately got into my car and drove to the nearest KFC location which was only twenty minutes away. But for some reason, there was so much traffic that it took me an hour to get there. We won’t get into details on that, but anyways moving on.

Once I got into KFC, I saw that they were advertising the new Chizza everywhere.

It was all over the windows, the menu, the side menu and more.

They really are pushing this item onto the customers.

Either way, I went up to the speaker and saw that you could order either a Small Chizza, Regular Chizza or a Chizza Combo. Me being me, I decided to opt for the Chizza Combo which comes with a side of fries and a regular drink.

After placing my order, I drove to the window and price point wise, it came out to around $14.06 after tax, which did seem like it was a little bit expensive. I’m not sure how big the actual Chizza is, but for around that same price, I could get an actual pizza from a pizza restaurant.

Anyways, I had my hopes up that this was going to be good.

I had to wait around 5 minutes before they came and handed me my bag, and let me tell you, you could already smell that amazing Fried Chicken flowing through the box. And it actually felt decently heavy.

I couldn’t wait any longer so lets get in on this review!

What Does KFC’s Chizza Look Like

KFC Chizza In Box Opened Up

Now taking the item out of the bag, I noticed that the Chizza itself came in a special KFC box. It wasn’t labeled with any of the Chizza picture or name, but instead had a simple “Kentucky Fried Chicken” labeled in the front.

Then I decided to open the box and I was immediately met with something that came out of a kid’s dream.

This was literally a big piece of Fried Chicken that had marinara sauce, cheese and pepperonis topped on it. Like, I remember when I was a small kid and I had unique dreams about mixing and mashing foods together. This item was literally one of the items all kids use to dream about.

It was the perfect combination of chicken and pizza mixed together.

Holding KFC Chizza In Hand

The Fried Chicken looked absolutely beautiful as it had a nice golden brown exterior while the marinara sauce was generously poured on. Cheese was somewhat melted, not too much but it was a good amount. And the pepperonis, they actually placed a decent amount of pepperonis on this item.

I really expected KFC to skimp out on the items and barely put anything on here, but they actually did really good and made this look almost exactly like the pictures they had advertised.

Anyways, this thing looked good and I was hungry. So lets go review it!

What Does KFC’s Chizza Taste Like

KFC Chizza Top View of Pepperoni

Immediately I decided to pick the Chizza up, and let me tell you. This thing was hot, as in my fingers were burning just trying to hold this thing. Like, I knew they made it fresh, but this is crazy hot. I definitely had to wait a few minutes before trying it out.

Once it cooled down a little, I picked it up again and took a big bite.

When I say this is literally like a Chicken Parmesan, I definitely mean it.

All the items were identical to that of a Chicken Parmesan and actually tasted like it too. The chicken itself was beautifully crispy and crunchy on the outside, batter was thin, and the chicken was so juicy and tender. Plus, you can actually tell the chicken was seasoned too with different seasonings.

Then you get to the rest of the ingredients like the marinara sauce, which actually felt thick and had a good acidity to it. Plus the tomato flavor was very strong as well. I’m sure this was a canned tomato sauce from a big name brand, but I couldn’t put a name to it.

KFC Chizza Side View

You also had the cheese as well, which wasn’t really that melted.

In fact, the cheese itself didn’t have any cheese pull or anything, and it was just slightly gooey. I honestly think they could have melted this a lot more and it would have been amazing. But it was still somewhat creamy with a mild feel.

Then you also had the pepperoni’s which actually tasted quite nice.

The pepperoni’s had a nice crisp on the outer edge while also having a good amount of spice.

When you paired this up together, it was a dream come true for me. I literally felt like time was rewinding and I was becoming a kid again. You know how it felt when you went to school and ate those lunchables where you can customize them anyway you want.

Well this is literally that same experience but being sold from KFC!

How Can KFC’s Chizza Be Improved

KFC Chizza With Every Ingredient

I have to be honest and say this was probably one of KFC’s better items that they released. Each one of the ingredients were really well made like the chicken, the sauce and the pepperonis. The only thing I would probably change is the cheese though.

If the cheese was cooked a little bit more and became even more gooey and stretchy, then it would be amazing.

But asides from that, it’s a really good item to have.

Although if KFC was open to it, I would love to see a spicy version of the Chizza being made. Like, all they have to do is to make the Fried Chicken into a Spicy Fried Chicken, and it was add so much more flavor with each and every bite.

Overall Thoughts

With that being said, KFC’s new Chizza is a refreshing sight to see. Depending on who you are, you might hate it or you might love it. But for me, it’s a dream come true. After all, who doesn’t like Pizza and who doesn’t like Fried Chicken? And to see these two items being combined together just brings so much joy to my face.

Definitely one of my favorite items that KFC has released.

If you haven’t gone to try it yet, I definitely recommend it as it’s only going to be here for a limited time only.

Overall Rating: 8.4

Is KFC’s Chizza considered a Pizza or a Chicken Parm? Hmmm..