KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap Review – How Does It Taste?


KFC Mac & Cheese

KFC has just announced that they are bringing back their popular wraps which surprised everybody. However, with this return, they are also debuting a new wrap and that is the KFC Mac & Cheese Wrap!

It’s basically a wrap that is similar to their other 2 wraps but the filling in this one has Macaroni and Cheese!

Hearing this, I was pretty curious as I have tried KFC’s other two wraps before and thought that they were decent items to buy. But seeing as how KFC has a new promotion going on as well where customers can get 2 wraps for only $5 dollars, you know I got to go get it!

So let’s go do a food review on the KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap!

What Is KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap

KFC Wrap Image

As you know, KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap is the newest addition to the wraps family for KFC.

It’s a very simple item to have as they use only a few ingredients which KFC already carries in their line-up and just meshes it together to make a brand new item.

According to KFC, the new KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap features a crispy chicken tender combined with the brands signature macaroni and cheese, a three-cheese blend that is then wrapped inside of a warm tortilla.

So seeing this, you can assume that it’s meant for a quick or light snack that is ready for you to take anywhere and eat anywhere you want.

Buying The KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap

I then got myself ready and drove to the nearest KFC location that I could find. Fortunately for me, KFC is only located about 10 minutes drive from my house, so it was pretty close by.

Now what was interesting was that when I got to the KFC location, I noticed that there was no cars in the drive-thru lane. I don’t know if it’s just luck or if I came too early, but either way I was excited to try this!

I drove to the the speaker and noticed that KFC did not actually advertise the wraps on the menu. Not the new Mac & Cheese Wrap nor the other 2 wraps that returned. So I was a bit confused and asked the employee through the speaker if it actually came back.

And sure enough, they did have it, they just didn’t have time to adjust the menu yet so that was the reason why I didn’t see it. Either way, I asked for 1 Mac & Cheese Wrap, which the employee then mentioned that I could actually get 2 for $5 dollars which I declined.

So I drove to the window and the price for 1 KFC Mac & Cheese Wrap came out to around $3.25, which wasn’t bad for a wrap.

I then waited around 3 minutes after paying and then they handed me my bag and I was excited to eat!

Lets get on with this review~

What Does KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap Look Like

KFC Mac & Cheese Wrapped

Taking the item out of the bag, the KFC Mac & Cheese Wrap comes wrapped in a paper sheet that is labeled with Mac & Cheese. The wrapper actually looked pretty cool as it wasn’t a generic wrap but one that actually had some designs.

Opening the wrapper to take a look at the wrap, you can see that it’s actually not too big yet not too small. Didn’t look too thick either as I felt like they didn’t really add much filling inside.

I opened up the wrap to take a look at the inside and sure enough, there was not much filling.

KFC Mac & Cheese Opened

In fact, if you take a look at the inside of the wrap, there is one long crispy chicken tender which was cool. But then the Mac & Cheese was barely there.

It felt like they only added a spoonful of Macaroni and Cheese to the wrap and closed it up.

Honestly, this kind of disappointed me as I was really hoping for the wrap to be filled nicely and fully as well. But it seems like they put the bare minimum in making this wrap.

Either way, we all know its the taste that counts, so hopefully the flavor will be better than it looks.

What Does KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap Taste Like

KFC Mac & Cheese Sideways

Grabbing the KFC Mac & Cheese Wrap in my hand, I took a bite.

I had to say, flavor wise, it honestly wasn’t bad.

The tortilla itself was soft and warm, a bit chewy while the chicken itself was crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Whatever seasoning or marinade they used definitely gave it a good amount of flavor with each bite.

But I had to say, you could barely notice the Macaroni and Cheese.

Mainly because, they gave so little of it, it just felt like I was eating a regular chicken wrap. I mean, the parts that did have the Macaroni and Cheese, it tasted good. It gave a more creamy sensation that paired nicely with the chicken.

It was cheesy in all the right areas and the macaroni was tender and soft.

KFC Mac & Cheese Bite

I just wished they gave us more Macaroni and Cheese because some parts of the wrap tasted really good while some other parts of the wrap really lacked any type of substance.

Realistically though, I think it was just my location that dropped the ball.

I have seen pictures and videos of other people trying the Macaroni & Cheese Wrap from KFC and theirs looked filled to the brim. So I think it’s just this location that I visited where they didn’t really do a good job in making the wrap.

But I can definitely see the potential and it actually works.

However, I’m going to still be rating this experience based of what I was given today, so there is still room for improvements.

How Can KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap Be Improved

Honestly, I think the way KFC made their Mac & Cheese Wrap, they did a pretty good job.

It’s a simple item to make and one that actually tastes quite flavorful.

It just all boils down to how the employee makes it. If you get a good location with a good employee, they’ll make the wrap with a bunch of filling and it’ll taste delicious. If you get a bad location and the employee skimps out on filling it, then it won’t be as good.

So I think the big takeaway from this is that I hope KFC actually trains their employees to be a bit better and to make things more consistent. Because if this Mac & Cheese Wrap was made right, I can definitely see it being a big hit with the customers.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, KFC’s Mac & Cheese Wrap is actually a pretty decent item to have. It combines together the greatness of a fried chicken tender as well as the homely feel of the macaroni and cheese and makes it a flavorful bite.

As long as your KFC location fills your wrap with a good amount of filling then I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the wrap as well. On the other hand, if they skimp out on the filling, then you might not like it as much.

So it’s a toss up, but if they do it right, then it’ll taste pretty good.

Overall Rating: 6.5 For My Experience

It’s not bad for a wrap, although wish they could have added a bit more Mac & Cheese in it. Either way, with a deal going on for 2 for $5, it’s not a bad deal to have.