KFC’s Offering Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys In Select Locations In USA


KFC's Offering Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys In Select Locations In USA

KFC has just announced that they are offering up Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys for customers to buy for this Thanksgiving Season of 2023.

However, the company announced that the Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys is actually not a nationwide rollout, as it is only going to be offered in select locations around the United States.

Currently, the only places selling the Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys is in the states of California, Colorado, Utah, and Washington.

KFC’s Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys is described as “Tender and Juicy, while also being deliciously prepared in their classic KFC Style seasonings”. Typically the turkeys they sell range around 14 to 16 pounds and is able to feed 12 people.

And what’s interesting is that the turkey itself is already pre-cooked, which means when you buy it, all you have to do is to reheat it and it’ll be good to go.

As for the price, currently KFC is selling the Cajun Deep Fried Turkey at around $69.99 a la carte, and is also part of a Holiday Meal or Holiday Feast.

  • Holiday Meal: Costs $99.99 and includes a Cajun Deep Fried Turkey, family-sized mashed potatoes, family-sized gravy, family-sized coleslaw, and 12 buttermilk biscuits.
  • Holiday Feast: Costs $109.99 and includes everything from the Holiday Meal, but adds on a family-sized sweet corn, family-sized mac and cheese, and also a chocolate chip cake.

Note: The Cajun Deep Fried Turkey is only available for in-store ordering.

Fans wanting to try the KFC Cajun Deep Fried Turkey can do so by visiting any of the select locations that it is being sold at and buy it in store.

Image via KFC