McDonald’s Canada Debuting New Mighty McMuffin


McDonald’s Launches New Mighty McMuffin In Canada

McDonald’s in Canada has just announced they are debuting the new Mighty McMuffin for people to try.

The new muffin is available at all participating McDonalds in Canada and will only be here for a limited time only.

But what’s great is that the muffin is able to combine two breakfast favorites of “Sausage” and “Bacon” together to give customers that great breakfast joy that they want to have.

The new Mighty McMuffin features a double portion of hickory-smoked bacon, plus a freshly-cracked Canada Grade A egg, processed cheddar cheese and savoury sausage on a toasted English muffin.

Fans of McDonalds Canada can find the new Mighty McMuffin at all participating McDonald locations in Canada for a limited time only.

Image via McDonalds Canada