McDonalds Canada Debuts New Squishmallows McFlurry


McDonald’s Launches New Squishmallows McFlurry In Canada

McDonalds Canada has just announced that they are partnering up with popular plush toy brand Squishmallows to create the new Squishmallows McFlurry and also the new Squishmallows Happy Meal for people to try.

The new Squishmallows McFlurry is available starting today for a limited time only.

Here’s a description of what the Squishmallows McFlurry contains: it features the brand’s signature soft serve blended with pink popping candy, and blueberry flavored syrup.

According to Chef Jeff Anderson, culinary Innovation Lead at McDonalds Canada, “We took inspiration from the vibrant and fun spirit of the Squishmallows when developing this new McFlurry and looked to bring that to life with a colorful and unique flavor combination,”

Alongside the release of the Squishmallows McFlurry, McDonalds in Canada is also releasing a new Squishmallows Happy Meal. The Happy Meal Box will be specially designed with a Squishmallow theme and offers one of 10 music-themed Squishmallow toys, each with their own name and unique look for kids to play. The Squishmallows Happy Meal Box is only available for a limited time and also while supplies last.

Fans wanting to find either the Squishmallows Mcflurry or the Squishmallows Happy Meal can do so by visiting any of the participating McDonalds locations in Canada for a limited time only.

Image via McDonalds Canada