McDonald’s Debuting New Squishmallows Happy Meal On December 26, 2023


McDonald's Debuting New Squishmallows Happy Meal On December 26, 2023

McDonald’s has just announced that they are debuting a brand new happy meal featuring the popular Squishmallows as toys for everyone to get.

The new happy meal officially comes out on December 26, 2023 and will be available nationwide at all participating locations for a limited time only.

McDonald’s new Squishmallows Happy Meal will feature one of twelve Squishmallow characters. Some of which will include characters like Fifi and Cam, as well as the iconic Grimace and more. McDonald’s is also releasing a surprise mystery character that lucky fans may discover when they open up their new Happy Meal toy.

Additionally, when you open up your Squishmallows Happy Meal Toy, it will come with a special playlist, courtesy of Universal Music Group. There will be a special QR code which you can scan on the Happy Meal Box so that you can access each Squish’s playlist. All of the songs have been curated based off their own unique and fun personalities.

Fans wanting to get the new Squishmallows Happy Meal can do so by visiting any participating location nationwide for a limited time only starting on December 26, 2023.

Squishmallows Happy Meal

Image via McDonald’s