McDonalds Testing New Grand McChicken Sandwich In Select Locations


McDonald’s Tests New Grand McChicken Sandwich

McDonalds has just announced that they are testing a new item in select locations being the new Grand McChicken Sandwich.

The new chicken sandwich is apparently only being sold at select locations in California and Nevada for a limited time only.

Currently, the Grand McChicken Sandwich has been spotted at several locations in Bakersfield, Chico, Fresno, and Sacramento cities of California, while Nevada has Reno.

The Grand McChicken Sandwich is basically a bigger version of their regular McChicken Patty, but it also has mayonnaise and shredded lettuce inside of a toasted bun.

Customers can find the new Grand McChicken Sandwich at the select locations across California and Nevada for a limited time only.

Image via McDonalds