McDonald’s WcDonald’s Sauce Review: Savory Chili Sauce


McDonalds WcDonalds Sauce

So McDonalds has just teamed up with anime giant Studio Pierrot to debut a new McDonald’s anime for everyone to see. And in doing so, they are also debuting a brand new sauce for everyone to try. The new sauce being called the “WcDonald’s Sauce”, is suppose to pack a punch with each and every bite.

Seeing McDonald’s doing something like this is very interesting as I never thought they would actually dive into the world of anime.

And it makes sense, because in many animes around, they always showed McDonald’s as a different version called “WcDonald’s”.

Which is why, McDonald’s has officially embraced the name and is bringing it mainstream by offering customers a variety of different anime inspired packaging, experiences and more. But the most interesting thing to come out of this is definitely the sauce.

What exactly is the WcDonald’s Sauce? How does it taste?

That’s what we here at Food Senpai are determined to find out. So if you’re like us and are curious about McDonald’s new WcDonald’s Sauce, then keep reading! We will give you all the information you need to know about it.

What Is McDonald’s WcDonald’s Sauce

McDonalds WcDonalds Sauce Alone

McDonald’s new WcDonald’s Sauce is actually their newest sauce to have been released in recent months. The last sauce they came out with officially came during the middle of 2023. So it’s been around half a year before McDonald’s decided to bring out this new sauce.

And apparently the new WcDonald’s Sauce is suppose to bring a lot of power with each taste and that it actually packs a punch.

In fact, the new WcDonald’s Sauce is actually called the Savory Chili Sauce.

Which you can probably guess is going to be some type of spicy sauce.

McDonald’s has actually kept the flavor profile pretty hidden so not many people actually know what it tastes like. All we know is that it will hit you hard with flavor.

But that’s all good, because we are about to go try this sauce and give you all our opinions on it!

Buying McDonald’s WcDonald’s Sauce

After hearing about this new release, I had to dash my way to my car as I knew this was going to be a monumental experience.

Good thing for me was that the nearest McDonalds to my house was only a minute away so it took only a few minutes before I got there.

And once I did get there, I noticed that there was a long line of people in the drive-thru lane. There was also no spaces to park the car in the parking lot as it was completely packed. Now I’m not sure if they were all here for this new release, but wow that was a lot of people.

Anyways, I decided to go into the drive-thru lane and once it was my turn, I could see on the menu that they were advertising the new sauces in huge pictures all across that panel. I placed an order for a 10 piece McNugget Combo and I requested two of the new sauces.

Total price for for the combo was around () before tax, which might be a bit expensive in my opinion, but I guess inflation is happening all around us so what can we do.

Then I had to wait around 5 minutes before the employee handed me my bag, and I had to say that bag looked beautiful.

I immediately found a parking spot and opened up the contents.

Lets get in on this review!

What Does McDonald’s WcDonald’s Sauce Look Like

McDonalds WcDonalds Sauce

Taking the sauce out of the package, I noticed that they didn’t really look anything too unique. The sauces did have a really shiny gold foil on them and it even has the special “Anime McDonald’s Logo” written on it with the backwards M.

But asides from that, there isn’t anything really too special about the appearance.

I was kind of sad looking at this as I really expected McDonald’s to go all out and maybe even design some character art on the foil to make it look really nice. But this just seems like a very simple and boring design that they made.

Anyways, opening the foil lid, you could see that the sauce itself is actually really dark red in color.

It’s also very thick and in the sauce you could see bits of chili flakes all over. This automatically tells me that this sauce is going to have some type of spicy sensations going on.

Plus, you could also get a whiff or a soy type of flavor with some peppery feel.

All in all, it looks like a decent sauce, so hopefully it pairs together nicely with the food items!

Lets go give it a try!

What Does McDonald’s WcDonald’s Sauce Taste Like

McDonalds WcDonalds Sauce Opened Up

As you know, the sauce itself is a really thick type of sauce so the best item to pair this with was definitely some chicken nuggets. And I sure am glad I bought the 10 piece McNuggets as I’m sure this is going to taste delicious.

Anyways, I grabbed a McNugget and dipped it into the sauce. Holding it up gently, I could see the sauce barely move on the nugget and it stayed on there really well. I then took a bite, and I was completely shook.

When they said this sauce was going to pack a punch, they really mean it.

Immediately, the first thing I noticed was just how spicy this sauce was.

Like, this is not a weak type of spice. This sauce actually has a strong spice level which will hit you like a truck. Your tongue will be burning and you will feel a tingling sensation all over your mouth that lingers for quite a while.

But even with that being said, it was still really pleasant to try.

The sauce also had a nice savory feel where it was slightly tangy and also has a hint of sweetness. And true enough, it did have some type of soy flavors flowing around it.

Chicken Nugget Glazed With McDonalds WcDonalds Sauce

In fact, if you were to ask me, I’d say this sauce is very similar to that of a Teriyaki Sauce. Except Spicy!

And I know the sauce is called the “Savory Chili Sauce”, but the flavors really speak to you when you eat it. It perfectly complements the McNugget that you used to eat it with.

Giving the crispy nugget a beautiful tangy yet spicy kick adds for a world of flavor.

If you were a fan of McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets that they released earlier last year, then you would be very pleased with this sauce as it’ll give you that same type of feel but with more spice levels and a more tangy finish.

It’s definitely an interesting sauce to have and one that tastes so good.

How Can McDonald’s WcDonald’s Sauce Be Improved

McDonalds WcDonalds Sauce Dunked With Chicken Nugget

But with that being said, does the McDonald’s new WcDonald’s Sauce or “Savory Chili Sauce” need any improvement? Well I would definitely say probably not because as it is right now, the sauce is absolutely delicious.

It provides just the right amount of spice with a good tang to it too. Plus, it also has a slight bit of sweetness which kinds of blends it all together into perfect harmony.

But if I had to nitpick, I would probably say to actually change up the packaging instead.

The flavor of the sauce is already good enough, but if you’re going to be doing a special collaboration or some type of special item, you want to go all out with it. And seeing that simple and boring design on the cover of the sauce just feels like a let down.

Maybe McDonald’s can rethink this through and actually design a better cover lid for the sauce. Maybe add some characters to it, maybe add some special effects or something to show that this is indeed a special sauce to have.

Either way, sauce itself is quite good and I’m pleased overall.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, McDonald’s new WcDonald’s Sauce or the “Savory Chili Sauce” is an absolute banger. It’s a shame its only going to be around for a limited time only because I can definitely see this sauce being super popular among the masses.

So with that being said, if you never tried the new WcDonald’s Sauce, then you are definitely missing out.

Head on over to your local McDonald’s and try it out before its gone. With an intense spicy kick and a good sweet tang, this is one sauce that will have you craving for more and more.

Overall Rating: 8.2

So what are you waiting for? Go get that sauce!