Mountain Dew Unveils Their 2023 VooDew Mystery Flavor


MTN Dew Reveals 2023 VooDew Mystery Flavor

Mountain Dew has just announced that they are revealing their 2023 MTN Dew VooDew Mystery Flavor for people to enjoy. And the flavor for this year of 2023 is Cherry Airheads.

According to Mountain Dew, this year’s Mystery Flavor was a partnership between them and the iconic Airheads candy, and was made using their signature Cherry Flavor.

And what’s great is that customers can enjoy this new MTN Dew VooDew with Cherry Airheads Flavor in either the 20-oz bottles or even the 12-oz 12-packs.

Fans wanting to try the new 2023 MTN Dew VooDew Mystery Flavor Drink can do so by visiting many stores across the nation for the duration of this Fall 2023 Season.

Image via Mountain Dew