Noodles & Company Debuts New Secret Holiday Crispy Menu For December 2023


Noodles & Company Debuts New Secret Holiday Crispy Menu For December 2023

Noodles & Company has just announced that they are celebrating the Winter 2023 Season by debuting the “Happy CrispiDays” Menu. This is a special holiday themed menu that features seven never-before-seen limited edition Noodles Rice Crispy Flavors.

The new menu officially comes out December 6th and will last for 6 days only until December 12, 2023. It can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only.

And according to Noodles & Company, the way this works is that for each day starting from Wednesday, December 6 through Wednesday, December 12, the company will reveal a brand new, craveable Rice Crispy Flavor that will be available for one day only.

As to what flavors or ingredients are on the new Crispy items, it’s actually a secret to all guests. Noodles & Company will announce the item and its ingredients each day starting in the morning at 9:00 am EST on their official Instagram account.

But even though the flavor and ingredients are a surprise, they did specify the names which are:

  • December 6: The Wonderland Crispy
  • December 7: Eight Toasty Nights 
  • December 8: Home for the Holidays
  • December 9: Oh Deer, Reindeer! 
  • December 10: Crispy Confetti 
  • December 11: Naughty & Nice
  • December 12:  Buddy’s Crispy

And from what Noodles & Company says, every novelty Crispy will be made fresh in-restaurant each day and will be available at the suggested price of around $3 dollars while supplies last.

Fans wanting to get in on the “Happy CrispiDays” Menu and try out the new Noodles Rice Crispy will be able to visit any participating location nationwide for a limited time only starting on December 6th through December 12, 2023.

Image via Noodles & Company