Pepsi Launches Pepsi Pineapple Exclusively at Little Caesars Starting July 17, 2023


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New Pepsi x Little Caesars Pepsi Pineapple Picture

Pineapple lovers are excited all around the nation!

Pepsi has just partnered up with Little Caesars to launch the amazing Pepsi Pineapple flavored soda starting on July 17, 2023 for a limited time.

The new Pepsi Pineapple flavored soda is being sold exclusively at Little Caesars and can be bought in a few different ways.

Starting on July 17, 2023, customers can go to Little Caesars where they can get a new Pineapple Pair-Up Combo, which includes a 16-ounce Pepsi Pineapple and a 2-Toppin Large Thin Crust Pizza when purchased online at a price of $9.99.

If you don’t want to buy the Pair-Up Combo, customers can still buy the drink by itself for around $2.

Found exclusively at Little Caesars, the New Pepsi Pineapple features a co-branded new design of both Pepsi and Little Caesars logos with pineapples floating all around it.

The new Pepsi Pineapple was original released back in 2020 as a limited time run where it quickly gained many fans from all over the country. It’s described as being a unique flavoring where you get the combination of the Pepsi Soda you know and love combined with a sweet yet fruity sensation of delicious pineapples.

Image via Pepsi/Little Caesars