Philly Pretzel Factory Debuts New Pretzel Pizza


Philly Pretzel Factory Introduces New Pretzel Pizza

Philly Pretzel Factory has just announced they are debuting the new Pretzel Pizza for people to buy.

However, one thing to note is that the new Pretzel Pizza is actually not being sold nationwide as it is only being sold at two select locations. One being in Mayfair, PA located at 7366 Frankford Ave, and their Virginia Beach Store, located at 965 Providence Square Shopping Center.

They are first releasing this new pretzel at these locations with plans to roll them out nationwide sometime in the future.

The new Pretzel Pizza features a new pizza dough that is made with pretzel flour, and customers are able to choose between two options of either plain cheese or pepperoni.

Customers wanting to try the new Pretzel Pizza will need to go to either of the two locations of 7366 Frankford Ave, or the Virginia Beach store located at 965 Providence Square Shopping Center to be able to try them.

Image via Philly Pretzel Factory