Pizza Hut Buffets Are Still Alive And Here’s A Review!


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Pizza Hut Buffet Sign

Pizza Hut is one of the most famous pizza establishments all around the world. Known for having tasty and delicious pizzas in all different varieties, they are a fan favorite year after year. But did you know they don’t just make and deliver pizza? In fact, they also have a buffet!

Yes, you heard that right!

Pizza Hut actually has buffets all around the country and world. Although, in recent years they had to close many of these locations, but a few still remain. Because of this, I want to make it my goal to visit the amazing Pizza Hut Buffet before all of them close.

So if you’re wanting to know or find out more information about what a Pizza Buffet is, how it works, what food it serves and more, then you’re in the right spot. We’re going to deliver a full dining course of information straight to your plate.

What Is A Pizza Hut Buffet?

Pizza Hut Buffet In Magnolia Texas

As you know, Pizza Hut is typically known for making pizzas typically for carry out or delivery. But back in 1989, Pizza Hut decided to get into the buffet business as they hoped it would generate more revenue for them and also bring in more clientele.

And this proved to be an amazing success as more and more of these buffet spots were opened for Pizza Hut all around the country as well as certain regions international as well.

The buffet itself is a standard buffet that specializes in serving everything that Pizza Hut has to offer as well as many exclusive items too. For instance, you can find all their Pizza offerings like Pepperoni, Cheese, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers and so much more. You can even find Pasta, Salads, Breadsticks, Dessert as well too.

It was a pizza lovers dream come true.

However, due to COVID, they had to close down many of these establishments due to losing money and less customers coming in. But even with that happening, there are still certain locations that still remain open. One of which is located near my city being in Magnolia, Texas.

So I decided to go visit and experience the amazing Pizza Hut Buffet for myself and do a review on it!

How Much Does Pizza Hut Buffets Cost?

Pizza Hut Buffet Reeipt

Now the price for a Pizza Hut Buffet will definitely vary from place to place.

However, here in Magnolia, Texas, the Pizza Hut Buffet for lunch only costs $10 USD. That is an amazing price to pay as you can get unlimited Pizza, Pastas, Salad and Breadsticks to eat.

Although the only downside is that the Pizza Hut Buffet is only open during the weekdays and also for limited hours too. In the Magnolia, Texas location, the Pizza Hut Buffet was only operating during the hours of 11:00 am through 1:00 pm local time.

Meaning for $10, you had only 2 hours to eat, which isn’t really bad if you asked me, but if you are wanting to come party with a big family or group, then it might not be the best option for you.

But for only costing $10, it’s not a bad deal!

What Does Pizza Hut Buffets Serve?

Pizza Hut Buffet Line

Being a Pizza Hut Buffet, you can expect them to serve all of their menu offerings that they usually make during store hours. However, you can also expect to find some exclusive items as well that can only be found during the buffet hours.

For instance, in the Magnolia location, they serve all the pizzas that you know and love. Pepperoni, cheese, meat lovers, jalapeno, and so much more. They also give you the option to make whatever pizza it is you want to serve. So if you don’t find your desired pizza on the hot area, then you can simply request it and they will make it.

As for non pizza options, the Pizza Hut Buffet for lunch does include a salad. So all you have to do is to request it and they’ll make a simple salad with a variety of different ingredients like cucumbers, tomatoes, croutons, lettuce and more. They also give you the option of having different sauces to pair with it.

They also carry the popular breadsticks in many varieties as well as pasta too. For instance, the breadsticks that this location carries were the cinnamon sticks, stuffed breadsticks and regular breadsticks. As for pasta, they had the tomato sauce pasta and also the alfredo pasta.

Basically, think of it as visiting a regular Pizza Hut storefront, but being able to eat unlimited amounts of whatever it is you want.

How Was The Experience?

Pizza Hut Buffet Pizza Display

Here is the moment you been waiting for, and it’s the review of the Pizza Hut Buffet!

Coming to this Pizza Hut Buffet, I was the first one here coming at 11:00 am right when the buffet opened. And when I came in, they asked if I wanted the Buffet or to order carry out. And obviously I was here for the buffet, so I requested that and the cashier said it would be $10 per person and it would be paid at the end of the meal.

So I grabbed my receipt and chose my seat at the back of the Pizza Hut.

I noticed the entire place was pretty big as it was a dine-in experience type of feel where there was multiple booths, tables, and areas for you to simply sit down and relax.

I then went to the buffet line to grab some food and there in all it’s glory, I was able to see a whole bunch of items that I was familiar with. Immediately, I saw that they had different kinds of breadsticks like pepperoni stuffed breadsticks, cinnamon breadsticks, and more. They also had two pasta varieties being the tomato sauce and also the alfredo sauce pastas.

As for the pizzas, they had the usual pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, meat lovers pizza, and jalapeno pizzas. I think I came too early as I didn’t see any other options. Anyways, I grabbed a few items from each area and then decided to eat.

How Did It Taste?

Pizza Hut Buffet Pasta and Breadsticks Display

I started off with the pizzas and I had to say, they actually tasted pretty good. It was your typical Pizza Hut pizza just cut into a smaller slice.

The supreme pizza that I grabbed had a nice crispy bottom while being chewy on top, cheese was melted perfectly and the vegetables were tender. It was a good bite! I also tried the pepperoni pizza and it was also good as the pepperoni wasn’t too oily but had a nice crisp too. As for the other pizzas, it felt pretty much the same as any other Pizza Hut experience you tried before.

I also tried the pasta and I had to say I was not a fan of it.

The pasta itself was extremely dry and hard in many areas while the cheese was all solidified and wasn’t cheesy or gooey at all. It felt like they nuked this dish too long in the oven or something as it was all kinds of dry. I tried both the tomato and the alfredo versions and it was the same, not good at all.

I then decided to try the salad, and to get it, all you had to do was ask the staff to make it for you. I requested the salad with ranch sauce and it came in less than 2 minutes which was pretty fast. It looked really good as there was lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, croutons, cheese, and also a cup of ranch on the side. Taking a bite, this tasted amazing as it felt fresh and had great flavors with each bite.

The ranch sauce wasn’t really that strong, but it still meshed well with the salad.

After that, I decided to try the breadsticks and I got the stuffed breadstick and also the cinnamon breadstick. I had to say the stuffed breadstick was amazing as it was filled with cheese and pepperoni. It was crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and so cheesy with a bit of spice from the pepperoni.

The cinnamon breadstick was also pretty good as it was your generic breadstick but the cinnamon powder they put on top definitely gave it that sweet and tasty bite that I loved.

Any Negatives While Eating?

Pizza Hut Buffet Pepperoni Pizza and Sausage Pizza

Now my experience itself was pretty decent, however the only downside I would say is that they are pretty slow at bringing items to the buffet line. Because once the buffet started, people started coming in and the pizzas were being taken like a mad man.

There was many times I was just sitting around waiting until they made new pizzas to put on the buffet line, and it definitely took awhile. I think I waited like 20 minutes before pizzas started to refresh the line which was not great as the buffet itself was literally only 2 hours long. So waiting 20 minutes for pizza is not a great experience.

Other than that, the food itself tasted pretty good as it was your usual Pizza Hut experience. They are serving the same quality ingredients that they usually serve for their regular Pizza Hut carry out or delivery orders so there’s nothing wrong there.

But that pasta though, they need to work on that. It was so dry and hard, i could barely eat it.

Are Pizza Hut Buffets Worth It?

Pizza Hut Buffet Sign

In my opinion, I would say most definitely! Pizza Hut Buffets are totally worth it as it only costs around $10 USD, and you can enjoy literally the full menu from Pizza Hut. Whether you like pizzas, pastas or breadsticks, they have it all here.

Plus, even if you don’t see a pizza that you want, you can literally request it to be made and you’ll have your own custom pizza.

Now I know the Pizza Hut Buffets are not located in every location around the country and are actually becoming rarer and rarer, but if you can find one, I definitely recommend you visit. Basically think of it as a higher quality Cici’s Pizza Buffet at around a similar price.

I would definitely come back to Pizza Hut Buffets!


With that being said, I hope this review has helped you out in learning more about the Pizza Hut Buffets. I know most of them are closed nowadays, but hopefully one day they can reopen and become just as popular as they once was before.

So what are you waiting for, go out now and find a Pizza Hut Buffet to go visit!