Pizza Hut Extending Hours To As Late As 2am Nationwide


Pizza Hut Extends Hours Until Midnight Or Later Nationwide

Pizza Hut has just announced that they are extending their operating hours for many stores so that anytime customers have a craving for pizza, they’ll be able to help them with their hunger.

Because of this, Pizza Hut locations nationwide will now stay open all the way until Midnight or later, with many locations staying open to as late as 2 am local time.

Fans will also be happy to know that because Pizza Hut is extending their operating hours, they will still be able to enjoy the same menu for carry out or delivery even at midnight or later each and every day.

According to Pizza Hut, they are trying to target the late night crowd who likes to eat things late. They also said it recognized the undeniable trend toward late-night dining among the younger generation and is seizing this opportunity to satisfy these after-dinner hankerings.

And by extending their hours, Pizza Hut aims to bridge the gap and cater to customers’ desires no matter how late it may be.

 Now, whether or not this applies to all Pizza Hut locations we are not sure, so you may want to call your local Pizza Hut and ask if they are extending their hours to midnight or later.

Either way, it’s going to be a great time for pizza!

Image via Pizza Hut