Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza Review: How Does It Taste?


Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza

So Pizza Hut has recently released their new line of Hot Honey Items which includes the new Hot Honey Pizza for everyone to try.

And me being me, you know I love Hot Honey.

After all, who doesn’t love a sweet and spicy flavor? And being as how it’s on pizza just makes everything so much better.

So you know, we are definitely going to be buying Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza and doing a review on it!

What Is Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza Side View

As you know, Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza is basically a pepperoni pizza that is covered in a bunch of hot honey sauce.

But it’s not just that!

In fact, according to Pizza Hut, their new Hot Honey Pizza is a Double Pepperoni Pizza that has two different types of pepperoni while being covered in the delicious hot honey sauce.

That just sounds absolutely amazing.

Let’s go try it!

Buying The Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza In Box

Immediately I got up and drove to the nearest Pizza Hut location which is fortunately only a block away.

Coming up to the restaurant I could see a big sign on the window advertising their new Hot Honey Pizza which tells me that this item is definitely the real deal.

So I went inside and told the staff that I wanted to order a Hot Honey Pizza. Now from what they say, this pizza only comes in a large size which was fine for me. I also got it with a Stuffed Crust so that there could be even more flavor. They rung me up and price was around $16.99 before tax which was a pretty good price point for a pizza.

I had to wait around 10 to 15 minutes before they called my name and I was out the door with the pizza.

Lets get into this review!

What Does Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza Look Like

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza Closeup

Looking at the box, it’s their usual Pizza Hut Pizza Box, which doesn’t really look anything interesting. Which was a shame because if they had designed it to the theme of Hot Honey, that would be so much better.

Anyways, I opened up the lid and immediately saw the beautifulness of the pizza.

There in all it’s glory, you could see it piled high with tons and tons of pepperoni.

You got the regular flat pepperoni as well as the cupped pepperoni flowing all around the pizza in full force. Not only that, but there was literally so much Hot Honey sauce covering the pizza I literally thought it was just oil before I took a closer glance at it.

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza Top View


And it looked marvelous.

Plus, you could see the Stuffed Crust action going on all around the pizza as it looked thick and filled with so much cheese.

I couldn’t wait any longer, lets go see how this tastes.

What Does Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza Taste Like

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza With Bite

I grabbed a slice of pizza and I immediately notice that hot honey sauce is moving around slowly. This seemed like a dangerous item to have as you never know when you might spill some hot honey sauce no your clothes.

Either way, I took a bite and was thrown aback by how flavorful this was.

You know, Pizza Hut isn’t known for having the best quality pizza out there, but this Hot Honey Pizza is making me change my mind.

The crust itself was not too crispy, a bit doughy actually, but the toppings on top gave it all it needed for the flavor. The marinara sauce was zesty and had a good acidity, the cheese itself was melted perfectly that it had a slight pull with each bite.

But the kicker here was definitely the pepperonis and the hot honey sauce.

Another View of Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza

You got two types of pepperonis on this pizza, the first being the flat pepperoni which was nice and crisp and had a good spice to it. Then you had the cupped pepperoni which was insanely crispy with each bite you could hear a loud crunch coming from it.

And not only that, but you also had the hot honey sauce covering it entirely. It was a thick sauce that had a strong sweetness which wasn’t overpowering. But enough where it left you wanting more. It also had a decent spice level which you could feel your tongue tingling around.

Although, they mentioned the hot honey was a habanero-infused honey sauce, but honestly it didn’t taste like habanero at all. Felt more like a weaker spice similar to a jalapeno. But either way it was good.

Such a good balance of spicy and sweet.

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Stuffed Crust Closeup

Plus, at the end you also had the stuffed crust which I added on to the pizza for an additional cost, but just the amount of cheese melted all around flowing with each bite gave it the finishing touch that it needs.

For the price of this pizza, this is a phenomenal item to have.

How Can Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza Be Improved

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza

I would honestly say this is probably one of Pizza Hut’s better creations as the flavor of the Hot Honey Pizza was simply delicious.

The only improvement I could see them using is that if they made the sauce itself a lot more spicier. After all, they said it was suppose to be infused with habanero, but you don’t really feel that at all. It was a weaker spice level that you get which wasn’t bad, but could be amped up a bit more.

Other than that, Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza is pretty good on its own.

Even if you don’t get it with the Stuffed Crust, it will still taste delicious.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, the new Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Pizza is an amazing item to try. Delivering both in flavor and price, it is such a good deal. And if you love Hot Honey or pizza in general, this item will definitely surprise you by how good it really is.

I believe this pizza is only going to be around for a limited time, so definitely check it out before its gone. I highly recommend it.

Overall Rating: 8.6

So what are you waiting for? Go out and try the new Hot Honey Pizza from Pizza Hut!