Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings Review: How Does It Taste?


Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings

Earlier this week, Pizza Hut announced that they are debuting the brand new Hot Honey Wings for everyone to try. And after hearing this, I was impressed as usually Hot Honey on any item is a very good tasting thing.

I believe this is Pizza Hut’s first time doing Hot Honey, so I am wondering just how good it’s going to be. In fact, they also have a Pizza version, but we’ll save that review for another post.

Either way, I am impressed by this new creation and definitely want to try.

So let’s go buy Pizza Hut’s new Hot Honey Wings and go do a review on it!

What Is Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings Closeup

So according to Pizza Hut, you can get the Hot Honey Wings in either the boneless variety or the classic. Both of which will be covered in delicious hot honey for customers to try.

In fact, according to Pizza Hut, the new Hot Honey sauce they use is basically a Habanero-infused honey sauce that combines with a Cajun Style Dry Rub and is put on the wings that you pick.

So from what they are saying, it seems like these wings are going to be really spicy and sweet. Which sounds absolutely delicious to me, and I can’t wait to try it.

Buying Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings In Box

Once I saw the news of this new item being released, I rushed to my local Pizza Hut which was fortunately only a block away from my house.

I went inside and saw that they had the Hot Honey promotional signs everywhere, on the window, on the walls and even on the counter where you order.

This made it clear to me that Pizza Hut was really trying to sell the new Hot Honey items. So I told the staff that I wanted a 6-Piece Traditional Bone-In Wings. They rung me up and the price was around $9.99 before tax, which did kind of surprise me as that seemed a bit expensive for only 6 wings.

But if it tasted good, then that’s all that mattered.

Anyways, I waited for around 15 minutes before they came out and handed me by Hot Honey Wings.

And let me tell you, before I even opened the box, I could already smell the sweetness from the honey flowing out of the container.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so lets get in on this review!

What Does Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings Look Like

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings In Box Opened Up

Looking at the container, you could see that Pizza Hut uses this dome shaped black container that holds the wings and sauce quite well.

Opening the lid, you could see that it perfectly holds all 6 of the Traditional Wings, and they looked amazing. Each one of the wings were covered in sauce, glistening really brightly and had a sweet scent to it.

You could tell the wings were cooked well too as the outside exterior had a crispy look to it.

Although one thing I noticed was that the wings that Pizza Hut uses were quite small. I’m not sure where they got their chicken wings from, but it is definitely smaller than many other fast food locations who also serves wings.

But lets see how they taste!

What Does Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings Taste Like

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings Closeup Another Angle

I grabbed a wing and noticed that it was actually really sticky to hold. Which I’m pretty sure was from the honey that was glazed all over it, but that didn’t hold me back from taking a gigantic bite.

Immediately, I noticed the delicious flavors of the Hot Honey flowing around.

You know, being made from a habanero infused honey, you don’t actually get that strong of a spicy kick. It’s there, but doesn’t blow your mouth off with fire. I would say it’s on par with a jalapeno type of spice level where it kind of tingles your tongue and warms you up.

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings Holding In Hand

As for the honey, you can tell that it was a thick honey sauce that has a strong sweetness to it. Wasn’t overpowering but paired really nicely with the spice level.

Now I know many of you have tried Mike’s Hot Honey before, and in my personal opinion, I think Pizza Hut’s version of Hot Honey is actually way better.

Plus, their is also a Cajun spice to it which gives it quite a bit of a rustic smoky feel.

Flavor wise, this was absolutely delicious.

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings Holding In Hand With Bite

Chicken itself was also really nicely cooked as it was crispy on the outside while inside was tender, soft and also juicy as well.

The only downside for me was that the wings themselves are really small. Literally I took 1 bite and half the chicken was gone already. This kind of bummed me out as Pizza Hut is selling these wings at a premium price, but you don’t really get much to eat.

How Can Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings Be Improved

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Wings Holding In Hand Another ANgle

Honestly, Pizza Hut’s new Hot Honey Wings are actually really good in flavor and taste. They done a great job in making this sauce and it works well with the chicken.

The only thing I would say that needs improvement is to get bigger pieces of chicken.

Literally these chicken wings are like two biters which is insanely small for the price you are paying. After all, a 6-Piece Traditional Wings costs around $9.99 in my area and that is before tax. Which means they are premium priced wings.

I would say to either change the wings to be a bigger size or lower the price, as that’s the only thing holding this item back.

Overall Thoughts

With that being said though, I can’t deny that the flavor was delicious. These are probably one of the best Hot Honey Wings I have ever tried from a fast food establishment.

The only reason I’m not rating this item much higher is because of the price and size of the wings. But honestly, it still gets a pretty high rating purely because of how great these wings are.

Overall Rating: 8.0

If you love Hot Honey and Wings, definitely try out the new Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings. They are magical.