Popeyes Cajun Style Turkey Is Back For 2023


Popeyes Cajun Style Turkey Is Back For The Holidays 2023

Popeyes has just announced that they are getting ready for the Holiday Season by bringing back one of their most popular items ever being the Cajun Style Turkey for people to enjoy.

The returning item has been a fan favorite ever since it was released in stores for people to buy as it is covered with so much seasoning and flavors that it makes cooking Thanksgiving an easy thing to do.

According to the website, Popeyes Cajun Style Turkey is hand-rubbed and infused with Popeyes signature blend of zesty Louisiana-style seasonings.

And in order to get the Cajun Style Turkey, all you have to do is to pre-order it online at the.cajunfix.popeyes.com for delivery straight to your doorstep. Although, if you want to get it from your local Popeyes restaurant, then you’ll need to wait till October 17, 2023 and placing your order while supplies last.

Currently the Cajun Style Turkey is being listed at $99.00 USD.

You can get your hands on Popeyes Cajun Style Turkey now by ordering online at their website or waiting until October 17, 2023 to get it at your local Popeyes stores.

Image via Popeyes