Popeyes Tests New TRUFF Chicken Sandwiches And New TRUFF Sauce Cups In Select Markets


Popeyes Launches New TRUFF Chicken Sandwiches And New TRUFF Sauce Side Cups

Popeyes has just announced that they are partnering up with the popular hot-sauce company TRUFF and debuting a new variety of Chicken Sandwiches being the new TRUFF Chicken Sandwich and also the new TRUFF Sauce Cups for people to try.

TRUFF is a company that specializes in serving up delicious hot sauces in different varieties.

And because of this, Popeyes is partnering up with them and creating a variety of different Chicken Sandwiches featuring their TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo which is made from red jalapenos balanced with the richness of the mayo and the umami depth of black winter truffles. Currently, you can get the TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo, on all of the variety of Chicken Sandwiches.

Now before you get too excited, the new TRUFF Chicken Sandwiches is not going to be a nationwide roll out. Popeyes is actually testing them in a few select markets, mostly being in Connecticut and North Carolina. So unless you live in those areas, you might not get a chance to try them.

Here is a description of the different varieties:

  • Crispy TRUFF Chicken Sandwich: Features a juicy chicken breast fillet marinated in Popeyes seasonings, hand-breaded and battered in the brand’s signature buttermilk system and fried until golden brown. The chicken breast is then sandwiched between two buttery toasted brioche buns, and toped with barrel cured pickle slices and TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo.
  • Blackened TRUFF Chicken Sandwich: Features a juicy chicken filet fried to perfection without the breading and served on a toasted brioche bun with crisp pickles and TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo.

Both the Crispy TRUFF Chicken Sandwich and also the Blackened TRUFF Chicken Sandwich will also have the option of adding Bacon or Cheese or both for an added cost.

Aside from that, customers may also order a side of TRUFF Sauce in a dipping cup which can be used to elevate any item that you buy on the menu. The TRUFF Sauce brings together a spicy and rich umami feel that pairs really nicely with any item.

Fans wanting to try the new TRUFF Chicken Sandwiches can do so by visiting any participating Popeyes locations located in Connecticut or North Carolina for a limited time only.

Image via Popeyes