Potbelly Brings Back A Wreck Salad For 2024


Potbelly Brings Back A Wreck Salad For 2024

Potbelly has just announced that they are bringing back a fan favorite item being the “A Wreck Salad” for everyone to try.

The returning salad is an exclusive part of the Underground Menu offering and will officially debut starting today. It can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only.

As you know, Potbelly’s returning “A Wreck Salad” features a meaty combination that consists of hand-sliced turkey breast, hickory smoked ham, salami, Angus roast beef, Swiss cheese, died hard-boiled egg, crisp cucumbers and also grape tomatoes. All of which is served on top of a bed of fresh tasty greens. The salad is also topped off with a generous amount of creamy buttermilk ranch dressing for flavor.

Now as for the pricing, customers will be able to order a half sized sandwich for around $6.99 where as the whole sized sandwich will go for around $10.19. (Price may vary by location)

Note: The “A Wreck Salad” is exclusive to the Underground Menu, so customers wanting to try it will need to download the Official Potbelly Mobile App to order it.

Fans wanting to get their hands on the returning “A Wreck Salad” can do so by visiting any participating location nationwide starting today and ordering through the Mobile App to get it for a limited time only.

Image via Potbelly