Red Robin Introduces New “Bigger, Juicier” Burgers For People To Try


Red Robin Welcomes New "Bigger, Juicier" Burgers

Red Robin has just announced that they are changing the way they are making their burgers.

In fact, the new change will see their burgers becoming more “bigger and juicier“.

According to Red Robin, here are the changes they will make:

  • A new Grill where they use new cooking and searing methods that will coax out flavor never thought possible. Able to trap in seasoning, crisps and caramelizes the patty while also creating even heat distribution for consistent flavors each time.
  • A new Beef Patty that is 20% larger, juicier and more savory to eat.
  • A new Brioche Bun that provides buttery, toasty goodness, and a soft-spoken bed of richness and flavor to hold the juicy patties.
  • Swapping out baskets in favor of plates to serve the burgers.

You can find the new changes being made at all participating Red Robin locations nationwide starting today in America. It’ll be available in Canada in the near future.

Image via Red Robin