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Burger King Real Cheeseburger Open

Do you love cheese?

Probably not as much as the people from Thailand.

Because in Thailand, the Burger King over there has just released a special burger called the “Real Cheeseburger” for people to try. This is a weird and unique creation as the burger itself is just 2 buns and 20 slices of American Cheese. There is no meat, no lettuce, nothing else but cheese and bun.

Now Burger King Thailands Real Cheeseburger is only going to be around for a limited time only, in fact I think it’s only going to be around for a few days. But it is only able to be bought in Thailand, so for those of you from other parts of the world….you are out of luck.

However, me being me and I’m a lover of cheese, I knew I had to try this burger before its too late.

So I drove to my local Burger King here in Texas and asked them if there were able to make me this Burger.

And sure enough, they laughed and gave me a weird stare!

But, they did agree to make this burger for me. However they said it was going to be super expensive.

For a small burger, adding one slice of cheese would be $0.50, where as a large burger would be $1.00. Because of this, I opted for the small whopper buns where the cheese would be cheaper. So after paying the price for 2 buns and 20 slices of American Cheese, it came out to around $11.00 which is pretty expensive.

But I just had to try this burger out!

Burger King Real Cheeseburger Wrapped

As you can see, they didn’t actually have an official wrapper for this Burger since The Real Cheeseburger is only sold in Thailand. So they wrapped up my burger in a Whopper wrapper, which was pretty cool.

And honestly, I have to say that Cheese smell was intense. You could smell it from far away as it was just that strong.

I was excited to try this out!

What Did It Look Like:

Burger King Real Cheeseburger Open

As you can see, the burger itself doesn’t really look all that appealing.

The picture from Burger King Thailand shows The Real Cheeseburger looking all types of epic and delicious, but this burger actually looks somewhat sad.

Bun itself isn’t really brownish but kind of grey and the cheese thats been melted looks kind of plastic.

Honestly, for being 20 slices of American Cheese inside, they actually melted them all pretty good. I was expecting some cheese to be still solid or not melted completely, but Burger King did a good job.

And as you can also see, the Burger itself doesn’t have anything else besides cheese and bun.

No lettuce, no tomatoes, no pickles, no onions, nothing, no condiments or anything.

This is literally just Cheese and Bread.

Or you can call it the Burger Kings Real Cheeseburger.

What Does It Taste Like:

Burger King Real Cheeseburger Bite

Honestly, flavor wise it was pretty good.

This is literally like the Ultimate Cheese Sandwich you have ever had.

So much cheese in every bite, literally cheese flowing in all directions inside your mouth giving you that cheesy sensation that you crave. And best part about it was that the cheese was super thick, giving each bite a layer type of feel as your teeth sinks in and digs into the cheese.

And I do have to commend Burger King Thailand and their creation of the “Real Cheeseburger”, because it honestly was quite good.

Bun itself was soft and fluffy while the American Cheese itself has been melted down to a gooey nature. A bit creamy and mild and full of cheese flavor, this was quite good. If you love cheese or any types of cheese sandwiches, then this is totally up your alley.

However, even with that being said, there are a few things I didn’t like about the burger.

What I Didn’t Like:

As good as Burger King Thailand’s “The Real Cheeseburger” is, there are a few flaws.

First, when you’re eating the burger, it gets very dry after a few seconds of chewing.

Basically, because the Real Cheeseburger is just a Bun and 20 slices of American Cheese, there isn’t anything in the burger that provides a wet feel or lubrication. It’s just dryness from the bread, and a cheese that felt like glue.

Very thick glue.

Because of this, when your chewing around the burger, it drains all of the moisture from your mouth leaving you with a dehydrated feel that isn’t really pleasant. You are definitely going to need a drink to pair along with this burger.

Not only that, but when your eating this, it gets very sticky.

The cheese itself because it’s been melted down and became a thick moldable glue like substance, it starts to stick all over your mouth. From your teeth to your tongue or even the roof of your mouth, the cheese is literally everywhere.

And you’re spending all this time trying to get the cheese off those places, it kind of takes away from the whole experience.

Not really a great feeling, but flavor is pretty good.

Thoughts About The Burger:

Overall, it’s a very unique idea and very cool to see.

I’m actually glad other countries around the world are doing something different, and Burger King Thailand with its Real Cheeseburger is simply so creative.

However, with that being said, this is probably an item i’ll only get once and never again as here in the USA, it is too expensive and most places will probably not even make it for you.

But if you do want to give it a try, see if your local Burger King can make it for you. It’s just 2 Whopper Buns and 20 slices of American Cheese. If you do decide to try, let us know what you think!

Overall Rating: 7.6

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